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  1. R9 Fury X Black screen Issue

    I boot UEFI only. I inject Intel. My bios has a setting to enable both the Intel graphics as well as the PCIE graphics. This was the fix for me.
  2. R9 Fury X Black screen Issue

    It took Beta version 4 to get my FuryX working. I don't need Lilu, Whatevergreen, or Shiki. I only have to enable RadeonDeInit.
  3. Fury X and High Sierra

    Update 2: RadeonDeInit not needed either.
  4. Fury X and High Sierra

    Update: Lilu, WhateverGreen, Shiki, not needed. All I need is RadeonDeinit enabled in Clover
  5. Fury X and High Sierra

    I have the Fury selected as primary in the BIOS. I also enable IGPU Multi Monitor in the BIOS (Asrock Taichi Z370). I am getting full acceleration as far as I can tell. I have included some config settings via Clover Configurator. I have not modified any kexts.
  6. Fury X and High Sierra

    Beta 4 works properly. No freezing when streaming video
  7. R9 Fury X Black screen Issue

    Do you have your bios set to make the Fury primary?
  8. Fury X and High Sierra

    Beta 3 has the Intel graphics working properly. Boots with the FuryX and acceleration works. I tried lexmark and it works properly. Any attempt to stream video or play video with VLC results in a freeze. I have tried booting with and without RadeonDeInit, and with and without Lilu, IntelGraphicsFixup, Shiki, and WhateverGreen. I wonder if Lilu just needs to be tweaked for 10.13.4?
  9. Fury X and High Sierra

    10.13.4 beta 2 is out. I can now boot using UHD 630 graphics as well as Fury X. I still get system freezes anytime Safari tries to load a video.
  10. Fury X and High Sierra

    I restored back to 10.13.3. The 10.13.4 beta has enabled the Fury X, but the IGPU problems make the beta unusable. I will try again when the next beta comes out.
  11. Fury X and High Sierra

    Yes. I'm loading Shiki, WhateverGreen, Lilu, and IntelGraphicsFixup. I am booting with -radbeta, -lilubeta, -shikibeta, and -igfxbeta
  12. Fury X and High Sierra

    I am using an Asrock Taichi Z370 board with and Intel 8700K cpu Still not working properly. If I select PCI Graphics a primary, the system boots and works properly until a webpage tries to load video, then everything freezes. This appears to be the same situation that IntelGraphicsFixup fixed in earlier versions of OSX. Maybe it needs to be updated for 10.13.4? VLC will play videos if hardware acceleration is disabled. If I select onboard graphics as primary, I get a repeating error in verbose mode [iGPU] Hash data from ME never returned status = 1 [iGPU] GFx Firmware load process [iGPU] Forcewake Multithread = 0x30002 [iGPU] Config (0xD00) = 0x00000000 [iGPU] GT_ThreadStatus = 0x400b0000 I have tried various permutations of inject ATI or Inject Intel with no success. I have tried using Fake id and Ig_platform ID using Kaby Lake IDs.
  13. Fury X and High Sierra

    Thanks for the update. The Good: I installed 10.13.4 beta and have some success. I disabled the IGPU in the BIOS, load Lilu and WhateverGreen using -lilubeta and -radbeta. OSX boots properly and appears to be accelerated. Geekbench recognizes the Fury X as an AMD Radeon HD Fiji XT Prototype Compute Engine. I got a score of 127990 in OpenCL and 135786 in Metal. The Bad: I can no longer boot using my IGPU. Clover starts properly and then I get an error when trying to load the IGPU So far, playing most videos results in a complete freeze and requires a hard reboot.
  14. Fury X and High Sierra

    We are on 10.13.3 now. Anyone have any luck with a Fury X?
  15. No ethernet intarface

    What kext is loading to enable the card? What version of High Sierra do you have?