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  1. Hello community, since two days now I am enjoying my almost perfectly smooth working OS X Mavericks running on a virtual machine with 4GB RAM and 2x3,bla GHz, also I have a very very nice soundcard built into my PC but in iTunes when I play a song sometimes the track becomes a bit "cracky" like an old vinyl on dads turntable - only a bit - and in GarageBand and Logic Pro X this becomes a very big problem: the sound is so cracky that you can barely tell which instrument is sampled here. A very bad problem as I planned to mess a bit around with the music production suites for Mac. It is completely useless now for me but I think this could be fixed easy as my PC is very professional equipped. Logic pro X also reported that something with my midi output or so is wrong but I do not think that this problem is connected to mine. What can I do? Are there already some solution which should work for me or fit my problem description? (I did not found anything which fit on my problems description yet) I believe in this community. -Using: Mavericks 10.9 / 64-bit @ VMWare 10.0.1 - everything worked smooth until now. Thank you!
  2. Hello everybody! I am new to this forum and so is my knowledge in hackintoshs. So I downloaded the newest version of the torrent of Niresh, burned to *.ISO-file on DVD and installed it...without any problems. But after the installtion on my ASUS-Notebook (Intel) I am stuck on the boot screen which looks exactly like this: I have absolutelty no idea what to do next. I tried re-installing for like 3 times, with no effect at all. Everything, the whole setup just goes smooth and after the restart I am stuck on the "locked boot" screen. If you have any ideas let me know, thanks -cc- Edit#1: Since theres no response yet Ill provide you with my hardware specs : Asus F55A-SX091D Intel Pentium CPU B980 @ 2.40Ghz 4,00 GB RAM Win7Ultimate 64-bit (on seperate partition) Thank you!