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  1. Help on Vram showing wrong size

    downloaded the web driver.. cant install it says my computer is not supported.. is it all right if i just use my cuda driver?..
  2. Help on Vram showing wrong size

    I have already installed the cuda driver and the cuda-z and the cuda-z show 2047.56 MiB global memory.. its just a cosmetic thing.. question now do i still need to delete kext after the installation of the cuda driver?.. thanks.
  3. usb hub too much power

    thanks .. nope did not repaired it..
  4. usb hub too much power

    i always get an error saying a USB device drawing too much power. i checked in -v and its this device.. how can i fix this error? hub.tiff
  5. Help on Vram showing wrong size

    @gringo installed the driver and cuda-z says "CUDA not found" @pimentelx86 I followed the guide and i have this edited my org.chameleon.Boot.plist i edited this part <key> GraphicsEnabler </ key> <string> YES</ string> i change it to <key> GraphicsEnabler </ key> <string>NO</ string> and put this part <key>device-properties</key> <string> (i paste the the device-properties-new.hex here)</string> my device-properties-new.hex file i put it in the /Extra folder. I dont know if its the right thing to do. after the restart. the screen stays at black.. do you think i just need my GraphicEnabler to stay at YES instead of NO? thanks
  6. GT630m shows wrong RAM. 1GB instead of 2GB how to fix this? ML 10.8 on Asus k43sm Thanks a lot GPU.tiff
  7. Help with asus k43sm

    Update: Installed kext for hotkeys and touchpad FN + F5 to F12 working.
  8. Help with asus k43sm

    done installing OS X 10.8 and its working.. i think detected the GT 630m
  9. Help with asus k43sm

    is installing using myHack ok?
  10. Help with asus k43sm

    oh ok.. i thought it was a tool or something.. thanks styrian.. iam going to read your link.. thanks again..
  11. Help with asus k43sm

    what is a macpro 8,1 smbios?
  12. Help with asus k43sm

    thanks for the reply.. lucky I dont have optimus on my machine, I think.. I test it out with optimus tool..
  13. Introduce yourself.

    Hi! I'm PritongKandule Marc in real life from the Philippines! Hoping to learn more with the help of this community.. Thank you!..
  14. Help with asus k43sm

    i! im planning on converting my Asus K43sm to a hackintosh machine. These are the specs: Intel® Core™ i5 2450M Processor Intel® HM65 Express Chipset 8 GB DDR3 Ram NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 630M with 2GB DDR3 VRAM Can i put OSX mountain lion on my machine?.. Thanks