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  1. I just tried a clean install and you are right, nothing changes... I have a test disk and tomorrow I will try to install Sierra on it If there is no change I will buy a PCIe card and I'll probably need a purchase advice for not making a mistake there is a new secutity update for El Capitan (Also called 10.11.6) https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1908?locale=fr_FR Do you think I can do it? spoof may change with it Again thank you very much for the time you spent with my issues Your EFI file with patched DSDT is perfect I don't have enough knowledge to do it myself And congratulations to RehabMan for his work but he looks less patient than you lol (just kidding)
  2. Tomorrow I try to do a clean install....
  3. I have another pci card for wifi and bluetooth (Same to the picture) I will try to unplug if it works better What do you think? EDIT : nothing change....
  4. i use EFI v2 now with a spoofed HackrNVMeFamily.kext my system boot fine !!!! but.... always in 5Gb/s transfert.... grrrrr !!!!! I don't understand ... under windows it was perfectly recognized And speeds were right my case is hopeless.... forsake
  5. thanks for your help... I'm unlucky nothing works with EFI & EFI v2 my system won't start I don't know how to do it ok.... all work on my configuration USB3, messages, airdrop, power nap, handoff apple store etc.... congratulation for your great work but never mind for NVme speed transfers... I will stay like this Thank you very much for trying to help me now it gets too complicated for me and I don't have skills to solve the problem
  6. I did it Download config 2 (just above) I put back the link config 2.zip
  7. I don't understand.... HackrNVMeFamily-10_11_6_sec2016-003 is present in my EFI kext file (i put it in 10.11 for El capitan) But it is not with spoof otherwise the computer will not boot if you don't find I give up ... so much worse I will stay with my bad transfers It is more faster than a classic sdd .. more expensive but faster I'll have to content myself
  8. I did it I start again.... Hoping I didn't make a mistake this time
  9. Sorry, I have 2 version of IORegistryExplorer I wanted to make quick to send it to you and I was wrong Here is the right one iMac.ioreg.zip
  10. Now you have everything .... I hope you find config.zip
  11. I have already tested ... Under window 7 it works at the right speed
  12. it works... but same problem.... and link speed detected only in 5Gb/s I followed the tutorial I did exactly the same thing
  13. I used the right version now.... But when I use the spoof command to create the kext the computer does not want to start... I tried without and it works but with reduced speeds I tried with the Pike patches and i have the same problem.... i can't update to sierra.... My external sound card is not functional with sierra and some of my software too (eg. Protools) I'm disappointed I make music with my hachintosh and I need a good sound card
  14. i'm back.... Finally, I bought another Nvme drive... samsung 950 pro 256Gb (I have not the choice samsung disks are out of stock in france And no one knows when they will be available) now it's work.... The drive is recognized as internal almost everything is ok but I still have a little problem when I use the spoof option the kext doesn't work and the computer doesn't want to start If I don't use the spoof option, the computer starts but I'm getting 750mb/s on read and write motherboard : asus Z97 pro (wifi ac) El Capitan 10.11.6 and i use M2 10 Gb/s slot not PCie card Any suggestions?
  15. I'm unlucky I will exchange it What do you think of corsair MP500 ? (256 go) I read the specifications it looks more powerful than samsung 950 pro (same price) samsung vs corsair read : 2200 vs 3000 mo/s write : 900 vs 2200 mo/s But do you think it's compatible? Someone tried it?