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  1. Am i able to run Yosemite ?

    well i successfully ran Yosemite on my previous rig consisted of AMD Phenom X4 and HD 5670, but i wanted to make sure before i try it on this new rig
  2. Am i able to run Yosemite ?

    anything special i should know ?
  3. Hey guys ! I would like to know if im able to run Yosemite on my PC, my specs are: Gigabyte ga-b75m-d3v rev.2 Intel i5 3350p MSi R9 270X Gaming 2G 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz Thanks all !
  4. Laggy YouTube video + sound

    Thanks ! Also, is that a problem if there's mainboard proximity on 72° ? 2: is there any chance i can regulate RPM of my cpu fan ? it goes more than 4k all the time
  5. Laggy YouTube video + sound

    OKAY GUYS, I FIXED IT MYSELF ! TURN OFF C1E IN CPU FEATURES, edit: dunno why but im idling at 55°C with almost 4000 RPM on CPU and 71° mainboard proximity
  6. Laggy YouTube video + sound

    If I leave these as plus it is really nice and smooth but i can't move my mouse
  7. Laggy YouTube video + sound

    it looks like it is the power management.. OS uses less than 1% of my cpu
  8. Laggy YouTube video + sound

    it didn't find AICPUPMI after installing kext and repairing permissions i just found AppleACPICPU
  9. Laggy YouTube video + sound

    its working now ! i fixed it with yes > /dev/null but i think i will reinstall to 10.8.5, and hope there won`t be this problem anymore, i don't want to keep my CPU at max at all time..
  10. Hey guys! I have just installed Mavericks 10.9.0 and got everything working out of the box. My ATI Hd5670 was detected as HD 5000 but VRAM is 1024(thats okay), sound is Voodoo, when i want to watch a video on youtube/facebook, it goes like 5 sec without any problems, and then it starts to get laggy and stuttery, also I had to force 1440x900 resolution manually because it wasn't detected. What should i do ? thanks! I have enabled Quartz GL in osx86 tools + replaced mach_kernel with http://hackintosh.zo...sse3-and-opemu/
  11. Lags until i move mouse

    bump, nobody knows this issue ?
  12. Lags until i move mouse

    Hey all ! i've been trying to get my hackintosh working, but every time i get to the installation process, the welcome screen where languages are floating etc, IS VERY LAGGY, but it is running completely fine when im moving my mouse, when i stop, it's laggy again. my specs: AMD Phenom X4 965 Be 3.4 GHz 8Gb DDR3 1600 MHz Sapphire HD 5670 1Gb GDDR5 MSI 760g p43 fx thanks for the help guys !
  13. Distorted graphics (Sapphire HD5670)

    hey guys, yesterday i succesfully installeed Mac os X ML 10.8.2 Niresh12495.. when i booted up with -x flag the graphics was ok, but today when i try to boot it up without -x.. the screen looks doubled,lines are across and the screen is shaking... Specs: AMD Phenom 2 X4 965 BE sapphire hd 5670 8GB DDR3 MSI 760g-p43(fx)
  14. Very slow installation

    its now stuck at 7 minutes to go and not moving anymore..