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  1. Just a quick update: first off the hard drive was partitioned in two, one for so and the other for backup. I had made a back up of the other drive and installed windows 7 dual boot with iatkos. For no.2 it is the third day into this topic and I have only one source of help except for one fine man. I know a lot of people have read this topic and if anyone of you have the answer please answer my help
  2. I'm sorry this is complicated for me to follow so can you make this more simple and it also says it is for snow leopard
  3. Thx will have a go ill keep you updated
  4. Help! I have a toshiba laptop Core i3 330m Amd mobility Radeon hd 5650 4gb ram 320gb HDD I have installed just fine, I can boot fine also with a couple exceptions. 1, I have to enter "GraphicsEnabler=No -v -x -f" in order to boot to desktop. With out this I get a odd looking white screen with verticle lines going through the screen. 2, the OS can only see 3mb of VRAM. 3, this is kinda off topic but how do you get function keys like brightness and volume to work from the keyboard. I do not have any windows partitions installed or any thing else. I have access to a USB drive(8GB) and a laptop running windows. Mac OS X ml does not recognize my wifi card as it is not supported and I am getting wifi card to solve that issue. Thx people ;D