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  1. Tora Chi Yo Rev.8 Kernel and phthread in 10.10.4 Photoshop CS6 13.0.1 is closing and not opening AMD FX8350 With bridge i can get log and i read somethuing realted to phthread i am going to rebuild cache
  2. Install lastes AppleNforce but still not working dvd
  3. It seems for fx the same i manage to fix USB 3.0 port that wasnt at all working and faster booting for my not taken place i thing the same or slower Not working dvd/cd i need to fix it
  4. I have installed the kernel BSA R5B x86_x64 in my fx8350: Working sound ( in all kernels i test never have sound except on bsa rc2) IMessage fix But there is still to issues: BUG Stupid issue of Numer bloq that only goes with bloq mayus And very noise pc when booting in OSX
  5. Just installed only kernel.... Fast moving the OS just this at the moment Not working Audio with this kernel but Bluetooth audio yes BUG in process still there And sometimes it boot in safe mode becouse it wants
  6. I have been testing almost all the kernels people have upload but for my the only one which work 100% is a old of BSA i dont know exactly the name but works perfectly well and very fast other ones just make reboots or freeze my pc or star crashing apps but the one i am using works 100% on FX processors
  7. I have not dsdt but with this owrks very good all
  8. It was the cause i search in internet until i find this:http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/302979-how-i-got-my-gt-640-to-work/ Apple in 10.10.1 have remove support to some Nvdia Cards so I need to do these after doing this PC gets faster and full graphics colors and all problems out also i need to boot with GraphicsEnabler=No and all is fixed
  9. Hi i have install 10.10.1 and test a lot of kernels ones work very good and others no but now i got the graphics stupid problems and look my graphic card: How can i fix on x8350 graphic errors and graphic card because is 0MB i think this cause graphics problem
  10. Updating to 10.10.1 ... I have been reading you about kernel and i have a old one that on fx works like a charm but only problem is botting up that promt BUG BUG..... a lot of times.... After update grey screen after loading kext someone can help?¿
  11. How can i update to 10.10.1 with out getting kernel panic
  12. I am going to test new kernel ... For my the bug message was fixed or disapear when i changed to npci=0x3000 Just first boot with this kernel: Waiting DSMOS.... ( Never appear with the other kernel) Boot faster?¿ No reason why maybe is my impresion App Store working Safari load faster not delay Graphics images load faster....
  13. Here you have: Mediafire folder for AMD Mackintosh there is a boot loader I make for booting Yosemite and mavericks with good flags https://www.mediafire.com/folder/pj44qjepx2zj6/AMD ISO not working if some one wants i upload my usb config Can someone help my with audio HDMI audio is recognized but normal one no .. i have ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 ​Aso i can't install boot loader in disk beaches it skip it and boot windows
  14. Full working yosemite on and fx8350 audio is not working but no glitches and natively App Store and safari working i will uploaded a doc or guide with instructions I am using RC2 and app store is working 100% and safari
  15. [AMD] General Chat, Questions & Answers

    It good the chamaleon have the modules and the Resolution good Well now all is working more or less The last question can i update to 10.9.5?¿ from appstore