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  1. Pandora's Box OS X installer

    No Kernel for 10.10.5 so extracted from the image file. That worked as far as the build went. I get the Pandora Installer screen up (on the pc), hit enter then a few lines of text scroll quickly by and it just reboots and I repeat the process. Motherboard is ASUS M5897 Pro with AMD FX-4100 Quad Core 3.6GHz. Graphics Card : AMD HD6850 Mem : 16Gb Maybe it's just not compatible?
  2. iWork 09 Just getting Blank Pages

    Thanks. My problem is the only version of OS X I have been able to get working with my machine is Iatkos base system 10.5.5 updated to 10.5.6 with combo update from Apple and PCEFIV9 from Netkas. It boots from a USB hard drive. All other versions I have tried loading direct onto my system fail. Not sure why. Hence I'm in a bit of a tight spot with regard to drivers...that and my lack of knowledge in how to get these things running properly.
  3. iWork 09 Just getting Blank Pages

    QE = Quartz Extreme CI= Core Image Quartz Extreme Some appealing graphics effects, such as the "rotating cube" effect you see when using Fast User Switching to switch users, are powered by Quartz Extreme. Quartz Extreme uses OpenGL and a supported graphics card to reduce the number of onscreen calculations being performed by the CPU. To take advantage of Quartz Extreme, you need one of the following graphics cards: * ATI: Any AGP-based/PCI-E ATI RADEON GPU, with 16 MB VRAM or better. * NVIDIA: NVIDIA GeForce2 MX or later, with 16 MB VRAM or better. Core Image Other graphics effects and optimizations such as the ripple effect that shows when you place a widget on Dashboard, are driven by Core Image. When a programmable GPU is present, Core Image uses the graphics card for image processing operations, freeing the CPU for other tasks. To take advantage of Core Image, you need one of the following graphics cards: * ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 * ATI Radeon 9550, 9650, 9600, 9600 XT, 9800 XT, X800 XT * nVidia GeForce FX Go 5200 * nVidia GeForce FX 5200 Ultra * nVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL, 6800 GT DDL All newer graphics cards also support QE/CI but the problem is, finding drivers for them. unlike a PC based system Apple doesn't licence "clone" systems and has stuck to producing their own machines. This has the down side that usually you can only find drivers for cards that they fit as standard or cards sold specifically for MAC's. So, even though we may have a bang up to date card like the 4850/4870 the availability of drivers is thin on the ground and, even if you find one you may not be able to get it to work with your version of OS X.
  4. iWork 09 Just getting Blank Pages

    Thanks for clearing that one up. Now I just have to find a driver to work with my 4850
  5. Not solved the problem yet but I'm thinking it must be graphics related. I tried some 4850 drivers that I found online but they didn't seem to work in my install. Will try and get the drivers working and then let you know but out of interest, if all the other people here who have the same problem can say if they have Quartz Extreme active and working fine it would help narrow the problem down a little ?
  6. Radeon 4550 - Any Kexts?

    Just wondering where the support for the 4850 is? Because as far as I know there are no drivers for the 4850 at present.
  7. Didn't notice this thread so I started a new one but, same problem as you guys. Template chooser shows all the templates but when you load them all that comes up is a blank page. Clicking "outline" shows the template briefly but apart from that it's just white space Running 10.5.6 from a Flash drive. Everything else works apart from apps that need a Quartz Extreme compatible graphics card. I have an ATI 4850 so no drivers available for it Anyway, would be interested to hear if anyone knows why this problem is occurring.
  8. iLife and iWork Suites not working on Hackintosh

    You need a Quartz Extreme compatible card to use certain features of iLife like iVideo. Your card should be compatible but do you have the driver loaded for it ? Are you getting the correct native resolution when you boot or do you need to enter "Graphics Mode" as an option on start up? Perhaps you need the correct Kext loaded. As an aside iLife 09 works fine apart from iMovie on my version of OS X, which boots from a 80gb USB drive. I'm using Flash OSX Leopard 10.5.6 for Pen Drive. Only thing I have a problem with is iWork 09 which i mentioned in another thread. Hope you get it working. No hope for me with iMovie unfortunately as there is no support for the ATI 4850 from Apple
  9. Just installed the retail version of iWork 09 and everything seems to have gone fine but, when I open "Pages" and look in the template chooser I can clearly see all the templates but if I open one all I get is a blank page. this happens in "Numbers" and "Keynote" also. I have deleted and re-installed it but it's the same. If i click the "outline" button I do see the template for a split second and then back to the blank page. The templates are obviously loading I just can't see them. I''m running Flash OSX Leopard 10.5.6 for Pen drive (installed to a 80Gb usb drive) Intel E2180 dual core 4Gb Ram MSI Neo 2 P35 Motherboard ATI 4850 Graphics (not supported but getting 1680x1050x32 anyway using "graphics mode" at start up) Just about everything works fine apart from apps that require a quartz extreme compatible graphics card. So, anyone else have the same problem? Could it be specific to my install of OS X ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Keyboard / mouse problem...

    Sorry to hear you couldn't get it working Sheronius. I know how frustrating that is. I got OSX working fine but then it freezes on occasions when I go to do something as simple as open a file or check the properties of a file. Still...I suppose we are pushing the boundaries of what it will do on non spec hardware. Anyway...this might brighten your day a little. Head over to my site and check this post out http://www.pcmaczone.co.uk/modules.php?nam...iewtopic&t=1641 I'm using Crystal XP Vista at the moment and I have to say it kind of negates the need to run OSX anyway. The dock that's included is better than the one in OSX and everything just looks and feels better It's better than WindowsBlind etc. Give it a try!
  11. Keyboard / mouse problem...

    Thanks. That's working now Actually I had this problem when I first installed XP. Just would not work with a USB mouse and PS2 keyboard but using a PS2 mouse and keyboard was fine. Then it seemed to sort itself out and has been fine until I installed OS X. Anyway, thanks for your help, nice to be typing this from Safari
  12. Keyboard / mouse problem...

    I have a PS2 Keyboard and USB mouse. Mouse works fine every time but keyboard only works up to the point the apple logo appears. Then i get to the registration page and of course get no further because the keyboard doesn't work. Got sound though and that's a first for me. If I could just solve the keyboard problem I'd be a happy chap
  13. PS/2 keyboard, 10.4.3, native

    So no one got any suggestions on how to get my PS2 keyboard working ? It's fine up to the point of the Apple screen showing, that is I can press F8 and type in my "Graphics Mode" options, but after that nothing
  14. PS/2 keyboard, 10.4.3, native

    I assume you had the same problem as me, where the keyboard wouldn't work so you can't get past the registration screen? If so can you tell me how you fixed it? Or if anyone else knows what the problem is I'd appreciate some help. It's the first time I have had sound in OSX86 so it's a bit frustrating not to be able to get moving with this now Thanks
  15. Problems with Build 8F1111 Install

    I tried to convert from .dmg to ISO using UltraIso but it just says it's an invalid fomat. I don't see anywhere in UltraIso where it lists .dmg as a supported file type ?