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    Mister3000 reacted to vusun123 in Dell triple boot el capitan freezes on minimize   
    It's Dell laptops with Sandy Bridge CPU that have this problem, no other OEMs have the same problem. You are unlucky to be stuck with this not-so-perfect hackintosh here. I will try to find one that has the same problem as you and find out the option needed to fix the problem without lowering refresh rate
    Edit: a friend of mine said: create a custom resolution profile, it will have 3 options to choose, CTV or something he can't remember. Pick one and begin trial-and-error. If it fails to boot you can use Safe Mode to remove the custom resolution and start anew
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    Mister3000 reacted to anerik70 in [GUIDE] Install OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and Mavericks 10.9.1 on ASUS N53SN/N53SV/N53SM Notebooks   
    I use clover boot to boot yosemite on an N53SM and i had that issue here but i fixed erasing my EFI partition and reinstalling clover