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  1. Thanks, for the reply. But, actually i tried a vanilla installation of ML 10.8.3 ( downloded DMG ) with Chameleon Boot loader, and everything is working the way i wanted. Every thing including Graphics, Audio, internet is working great. Dont know what actually happened with iAtkos installation. Now, the only problem i face is that i cant get both boot loader theme and apple boot logo to fullscreen. When searched, its something my Graphics card VBIOS is locked to.
  2. Can't boot after successfully installation

    Can you please see this...? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/278692-i-am-getting-stuck-at-waiting-for-dsmos-or-dsmos-has-arrived/
  3. Can't boot after successfully installation

    hey, did u fixed the OS X installtion by going to terminal.? i followed this guide :- http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/280756-guide-the-all-in-one-guide-to-vanilla-os-x-including-chameleon-dsdt-for-beginners/ "3.B Fixing the OS X install 1. From the installer go to Utilities and Terminal. 2. Type cp –R /System/Library/Extensions/NullCPUPowerManagement.kext /Volumes/"OS X"/System/Library/Extensions/ 3. Type cp –R /System/Library/Extensions/FakeSMC.kext /Volumes/"OS X"/System/Library/Extensions/ 4. Type reboot NOTE: Include the quotes in the lines above. This assumes your install partition is called “OS X” as I said above. If for whatever reason you called it something else replace “OS X” with whatever you called it."
  4. Can't boot after successfully installation

    MBR or GPT..? i had ur problem first in GPT, ie, stuck at the apple logo. then i reinstalled with MBR, and combining my above steps, worked for me. Although i had to launch the installation with -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No .
  5. Can't boot after successfully installation

    I dont know if this helps, but if u have a graphics card, set primary display=PCIe in bios. Worked for me. then use GraphicsEnabler=Yes flag.
  6. i think i had the same issue with stuck at apple logo, then i booted again with GraphicsEnabler=Yes command. You should actually wait at the apple logo, spinning wheel. Then the monitor goes blank and u'll be presented with a white screen with cursor, finally taking u to the desktop. Hope this helps.
  7. Hey guys, so i've managed to install Both Mountain Lion 10.8.3 and Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit on the same HDD in MBR Mode. The Mountain Lion install was a vanilla one. Downloaded the DMG file, Made some changes to it so that it can install to MBR, and installd Chamelion Boot Loader to the same USB. First installed Mountain Lion and then Windows 7, everything went smoothly as i expected. The Main problems im facing in Mountain Lion are Audio and the boot loader. Problem 1 :- Audio is not working even after installing Realtek Kext and Voodoo Kext through M-beast and otherways. I dont have speakers, i only use a headphone. Anyway, the audio is not working and no sound output devices detected. Problem 2 :-I've installed chamelion bootloader, updated it, and also installed a theme through chamelion wizard. The thing is that, i am able to boot from HDD, but its not showing the theme, just the plane text, where we select OS with Arrows. Problem 3 :- The apple logo on bootup is stretched and not full screen, though i have selected 1080p resolution in both M-beast and Chamelion Wizard. Problem 4 :- Sometimes Mountain Lion freezes and i should restart the whole system. Random Freezes while doing actions, like opening folder or launching something from dock. I' dont know if my Graphics Card ( Asus GTX 560) is working good with OS X, but so far so good. Can someone please tell me how can i check if my card is working with OSX.? Also my card is Shown in About this Mac. Extra info :- I've installed my own dsdt (from dsdteditor) through M-beast. Sleep Not working, Restart and Shutdown is Working. Is there anything else should i install to make the system stable..? Please answer my questions, mainly about sound prob and Boot theme prob. Thanks a Bunch !
  8. Hi, first of all thanks for the awsome guide. I was going to dual boot win7 and ML on the same HDD and by following this guide, it was a success. first partitioned with apple Disk Utility, then installed win 7 as usual. Then installed ML and finally saw the green Tick. When rebooted, i slected the usb and went to terminal and typed the codes u've shown, but noting happened, the Terminal just flashed. The thing is that, i cant boot to Mac os x from HDD. I am able to get to the while screen with apple logo and a spinning wheel, and thats all, its stays like that for hours. i've botted with typing commands and all but no luck. Can u please Help me..? Thanks. Extra info :- 1 TB HDD, Mode-MBR(modifed osx installer to install on MBR), 4 partitions, partition one is Mac OSX Extended Journaled, the rest three are NTFS. Insalled windows on 2 Partition and OSX on 1st.
  9. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Thanks mate.
  10. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    hey, if i go with patching apple power management kext, the only thing is that , i should repatch these kexts after each update right.? can someone confirm this..? Thanks.
  11. Hey man, thanks for the reply. let me make this clear, i have installed both windows 7 and mountain lion on the same HDD. the method for installation was iAtkos ML3U. i've restored the dmg file to a usb drive with transmac. Well, that aint the problem. According to the iAtkos ML3U guide, they say they have an inbuilt boot loader ie Clover. But whenever i boot from this usb drive it straightly goes to Windows 7. But i've managed to boot from USB, only with the help of a Clover Boot CD which i made, and the priorities setting to CD->USB->HDD. Ok, Once i've booted, i've partitioned the whole harddisk to 4 partitions. Partition 1 for hackintosh ( Mac os x journeled extended ) and the other three being FAT DOS, the whole HDD was in GPT Mode. after partitioning i restarted the PC install Windows 7. So, i installed windows 7 as usual to the second partition and it was successful. After that, i booted again from the Clover CD to install ML and installed it successfully to the 1st partition. The main problems i face are :- Every time i want to Boot to OSX i need to do it from CD. Even if the CD Loads, i need to make some changes in the Clover options, inorder to boot to OSX WITHOUT kernel panic. I installed ML with the right options. Yeah, in that customize menu of OSX installer i selected the right options i need, and it also included a boot loader. When booting to OSX, evrything seems to be a bit slow. Like when opening files with DBL click, it only opens after a second. Major problems :- Graphics is the major problem. When opening the launch pad from the dock, it takes more than 5 seconds to show up and that too with a very bad animation. Like artifacts and pixelated. When dragging open windows, i can actually see the window edges are pixelated when moving. cant see videos in safari, all the videos are flashing, though i've installed adobe flash player. and the scroll bars are also buggy in safari, when moving the cursor over scroll bar, its also flashing. The main thing i wanna know is that, how can i see the OS selection windows on startup, without inserting CD or USB. i would also like to know how windows and Mac os can have a shared partition. For example, if i have some musics and video in one partition, its accessable in windows, but how to access it in mac..? Please Help me Asap. Im really stuck. THANKS.
  12. Ok guys i was able to boot into osx after making some adjustments in the option of clover boot loader but still its crappy. Here is my install log. restored iAtkos ML3U image to an 8 GB flashdrive with transmac. According to the tutorial, iAtkos ML3U should start with its own boot loader but it did'nt ! So, i burned clover boot loader to a dvd and inserted both this dvd and the usb. then restarted. boot priority is DVD->UEFI flash drive->HDD. gladly the clover boot loader loaded correctly and show the installation menu. so, i slected the iAtkos ML3U and after some loading, the installer came. Then i selected disk utility and formatted the whole harddrive. Created 4 partitions, in which the first 3 is FAT and the last being Mac OSX Extended Journeled. erased the target partition. Before installation, there was message saying, OSX can only be instaled on a GPT. My HDD was formerly MBR. As far as i knowm ML3U is installable on MBR, but i dont know what happened. Anyways, formatted the partition once again with GPT Mode. Then installed the OSX, with no Probs at all, take 14 mins to finish. Then rebooted automatically, booted from the Clover CD, now that i have an option to select the Installed partition. When selected, some random text passed by and then retsared without booting to OSX, tried somany time but still the same. Only then i understand it was a Kernel Panic, so i needed Help. Installed windows 7 just to access the internet and get help. Then on a forum, i read about Colver boot options, adjusting them might boot to OSX. Well after making some adjts, it did boot to the OSX. Finally, presented with the desktop, i was sad to find out that all the animations are choppy, like dock animations, min/max animations, Launcger animations, the most of the things on safari(internet) were lagging, like buttons, scroll bar etc. So, i rebooted again to make some grafix adjustments in clover option but it did'nt changed any. still the grafix was crappy. another thing i noticed was each time i should boot from the cd inorder to boot to OSX. How does i correct this..? like Booting from the boot loader without the need of USB or CD..? Then i installed, [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], to know if this corrects the graphics problems. But it did'nt. The OSX wont sleep too. So far, this is the progress and im stuck here. I'll be re installing both Windows 7 And ML, again. But do i need to make any change the next time i install these. Extra infos and Doubts My Bios is not patched cuz of the Asus Bios Protection. Dont have a Custom DSDT Why i cant see the Hackintosh Drive in Windows (my computer ) and Vice-versa..? while in OSX, the DVD drive is Dead ( not opening ) While in OSX, newly plugged pendrives are not detecting in OSX Sound not working, but Internet is working, also in the system info, my GFX Card, GTX 560 and most of the hardware is detected. Which BOOT LOADER should i use.? ( chameleion, Clover, Myhack etc ) currently is Clover. Please read the whole story and kindly help me. Cuz i installed OSX after a lot of research, and im really tired and frustrated, sad, cus its not working as i expected. So please take the time to Help me..? A BIG THANKS in advance to Whom ever Helps. Edit Post Reply Reply With Quote
  13. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    is there a way to do it another way..? like using AMITool or MMtool etc..? Please Help.?
  14. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Hey guys please help me. i always get error when flashing modded bios that was patched with pmpatch tool. in asus ezflash 2 utility, when trying to update with the modded bios, a security related error is popping. so i tried with ftk under both windows and dos mode, but got error, there too. this is the error im getting. " error 280 :failed to disable write protection for the bios space". Please help guys, im friggin exhausted, i i've spend one whole day to make this possible but no luck so far. Please Help. Please ! Some info about my Mobo :- Mobo- Asus p8h77 vle Latest Bios update - 1103 (.CAP File) Vendor - American Megatrends Inc Current version of Bios -1103 (original / un-modified ) OS:- Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Help! Thanks !.
  15. Asus P8Z77-V LK

    hey can u tell me how to bypass the security check error when flashing a modded bios file..? Thanks.