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  1. Hey! I just want to inform you that I bought a Sapphire Radeon HD 6670 Ultimate (1GB GDDR5) and it works great! I have not changed my installation and simply plugged in the graphics card. It was immediately recognized and has worked out of the box. I can recommend my graphics card to all the HD2500 injured. The Sapphire Radeon HD 6670 Ultimate is worth its price, passively cooled and even has a display port!! However, thank you Dr. Hurt for your help!! This has greatly encouraged and built up.
  2. Ok! I think I will go for a passive Sapphire Radeon HD 6670 Ultimate because it has 0dB and should be compatible. Thank you very much for your help!
  3. Okay. I'll try it once I'm home! I've been thinking about buying a new graphics card because it is cheaper than a new CPU. Or could I have then still problems with my CPU? The Geforce GT 610 & GT 620 series is quite cheap. I just have to find out if the Asus GT610-SL-1GD3-L or Asus GT620-DCSL-2GD3 is compatible...
  4. Thanks for the help again! I set SMBIOS to "Mac mini6,2" and I used the following Boot.plist: After that I tried to boot with the three different DSDT.aml files but none of them worked. Results: DSDT.aml DSDT2.aml DSDT3.aml Are there any other options? Or should I buy an Intel Core i3-3225 (with Intel HD 4000)?
  5. Thank you for the new DSDT file. I will try it now... To install it I will place the DSDT.aml file on my desktop and then select "UserDSDT or DSDT-Free Installation" in MutiBeast. Is that right? To save the IOReg information I need to install the "Apple Developer Tools" which come with Xcode, right?
  6. Thanks for the support! I hope I have exported the DSDT file correctly? http://www.fileswap.com/dl/RkNggsQHRl/
  7. Hi, I'm pretty frustrated. Since 3 days I already try to get my Hackintosh up and running. I've got a Gigabyte GA-H77N-WIFI Motherboard with an Intel Core i3-3220T (with an Intel HD 2500). When I boot up Mac OS X 10.8.4 with the parameter "-x" then I can see the desktop. But as soon as I start without the "-x" parameter, my Hackintosh stops at "macx_swapon". Can someone help me in getting rid of this error? I already tried the things you mentioned here. I also read that I have to set the graphic memory to 32M!?