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  1. Asus P7P55D with ML 10.8.4 need kext

    Dear All, long time ago, i'm back. My Hackintosh run fine with only one point that i don't fix now. I have do different things but have still the problem. Maybe one of you have a solution for me. If i will restart the Hack it not reboot, it is hanging. It is not a big issue, but maybe i can fix it ;-) Thank you for any idea. All the best, waldemaR
  2. Asus P7P55D with ML 10.8.4 need kext

    Dear InsanelyMac's, i now i'm slow but step by step. My Graphic Card work now ;-) Now looking for the DVD Burner issue. A new issue also came up with PCI will not reconized. And if i want to reboot the system it hangs. All other stuff work like a charme. All the best, waldemaR
  3. Asus P7P55D with ML 10.8.4 need kext

    Dear PimentelX86, thank you for your assistance. Sorry but i really don't can follow you. I don't no why this will be easier to install this all. I also check the Wizzard there is nothing for me clear. At least where i can save and activate. I had really find nothing for an good example that i understood. I also didn't understand that the DVD burner works directly. At boot i try with the GraphicEnabler=Yes then the system not come up. I'm now a little lost in space. Until now 5 Times i installed the system to this point. It is time now to come a step foward ;-) All the best, waldemaR
  4. Dear InsanelyMac's, i have successful installed ML 10.8.4 with Vanillia. Of course i need to install same kext manually and i don't find the right one's. I check the www install different and yes i start to destroy my OS X installing. Please i look for the LG DVD Burner ( installed JMicron36xATA.kext ) not work. I don't find another one. Looking for http://de.msi.com/product/vga/NX6200TC-TD64E.html#/?div=Overview. This Grafik Card has Geforce 6200TC ( installed 2587-nvenabler+tools ) not work. For the onboard sound. I'm still looking. Update i think i find the right kext for onboard sound. Thank you very much for help and an answer. All the best, waldemaR
  5. Dear artur-pt, ok, sorry this was my fault. Now i know the step by step things for now ;-) I have to use the kext Wizard and put the two files Fake.. Null.. once again and the system comes up without problems ;-) Now i have to figure out which things not work in the moment, for shure the grafikcard, DVD Burner. The only thing is i have to figure out where i can find all not working things. All the best, waldemaR
  6. Dear artur-pt, with following command it comes up: -v -f ncpi=0x3000 what does it mean now? what will be the next step then. i'm not have a clear picture now. Has this something todo with the FakeSMC.kext or is this now another problem? Sorry but the other thing that you write i not understand. All the best, waldemaR
  7. Dear artur-pt, thank you for coming back. i try to boot like you mention but then i come to the same problem with the same text as in the Attachment "Boot-Asus-2" Yes. the radeon.kext was for my Grafikcard "Radeon HD 5750". Is this not correct? All the best, waldemaR
  8. Dear Insanelymac's, after relax a while here now what i have. Installed OS X successfully with some problems. If i boot with -v, i get follow screen: Boot-Asus-1, Boot-Asus-2 If i boot with -v -x i come to the login screen: Boot-Asus-3 Attach also three kext files that i used. I don't have now configured the Grafikcard. Also i'm not shure in the moment the next step's, of course i will read. But i think first maybe fix this. Thank you for help and an answer. All the best, waldemaR kext.zip
  9. One think more. I forgot to copy the two files, "NullCPUPowerManagement.kext" and "FakeSMC.kext". Which command's i need to copy these two files from the stick to the Harddisk. Thank you for help. All the best, waldemaR
  10. Dear artur-pt, my Mobo is in my Signature, Asus P7P55D i start once again the install completly for more details with picture. One question regarding dowload the files: Use pacifist to extract mach_kernel from “OS X Install ESD/Packages/BaseSystemBinaries.pkg” and copy it to the root of your USB drive (note: this is in the attachment). In the attach file "Essential" there is not anymore the mach_kernel. It is only in the "Essential - Mavericks GM" I want instal ML 10.8.4 All the best, waldemaR
  11. Dear Insanelymac, i have successfully installed OS X to point 3.1 During the next step, 3.1 Fixing the OS X install 2. Type cp –R /System/Library/Extensions/NullCPUPowerManagement.kext /Volumes/"OS X"/System/Library/Extensions/ 3. Type: cp –R /System/Library/Extensions/FakeSMC.kext /Volumes/"OS X"/System/Library/Extensions/ i checked that if i'm looking into the folder /Volumes there is no folder inside. I'm little confused ;-) Any help or idea appreciate, thank you. All the best, waldemaR
  12. tonymacx86 and other's

    I want only to know the statment of this communtiy belong other's communities regarding opensource and piracy. regards, waldemaR
  13. I'm confused

    Be careful of you words and read first! what i write!!! I'm not looking that you do my work. I ask about experience or do you sit in front of my Hack? regards, waldemaR Thank you William07. I change from "Tony" because i read these things, that's why i'm here. I'm also looking add MyHack but i don't find something about Bios, but i will look once again. My question only was if i have to setup something in the Bios i don't find in the moment a guide here, but maybe my eyes are closed :-( regards, waldemaR P.S. I find now the standard Bios Settings but i'm looking for more! Also the " The all-in-one guide to Vanilla OS X " i like it, really professional. I wiil go ahead with.
  14. I'm confused

    So there is no good or bad? I'm now going throw "The all-in-one guide to Vanilla OS X" My question regarding this guide, i don't have to prepare nothing in the Bios? regards, waldemaR
  15. You don't support tonymacx86. But what is with other community's like: http://www.osxlatitude.com/ http://www.kakewalk.se/ waldemaR