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  1. Mac OS X Server and VMware?

    see vmware's blog here: http://blogs.vmware.com/teamfusion/2008/07...r-stronger.html . Mac OS X Server ( and client but it's illegal ) run natively on VMWare "fusion".
  2. it's for fusion but it seems to work for parallels too http://blog.rectalogic.com/2008/08/virtual...ard-client.html
  3. Vmware Fusion beta 2 Released!

    No you don't have QE on vmware fusion, even with the vmware tools installed. For the resolution issues, it's not a big deal at all to run in 1400x900 instead 1440x900, it's a server, so i use it most of the time by using sharing screen ps; for those who have a problem with dmg image disk - because vmware don't accept this format - you have to convert your dmg file in iso by using this command: hdiutil convert osx-server.dmg -format UDTO -o osx-server-copy.iso
  4. Vmware Fusion beta 2 Released!

    Leopard server works so much faster in this beta2 than in parallels server. It's amazing how it's fast on my mbp @2.4ghz/4gb ram VMware crew have done a really good job . Don't forget to install vmware tools of course ^^ ps: there's still somes issues with keyboard, sometimes when you hit a key for example "n", in the textinput we can see "nnnnnnnnnnnn", vmware repeat the same key, dunno why.., and i can't choose the good resolution for my screen, there is only 1400x900, but my screen is 1440x900, but it's not a huge problem
  5. I'm sorry to have to say that but the buttons and the flash animation in the middle of the page (i know the software u use for created this animation but this kind of software must be really used with "parsimony") is very ugly :s Nevertheless, the top is a little bit better, even if the reflection is too strong, you should use the fade out option to decrease a little bit this reflection in the meantime, it's just my point of view, but flash animation could be really good for a web site, but it must to be discrete
  6. How to be a perfect Linux User

    Linux is not and must not be an operating system for workstation computers !! So that's why all the "cliché" inside are so true, because most of the time, we want use linux for our desktop computers, stupid idea, stupid ubuntu by the way . Linux is perfect for server, stop using it for your workstation pc. There is already a perfect os for this, i let u guess which one guys
  7. Getting a Macbook Pro

    right, the only difference is smbmount instead smb about that, on linux system, i edit the file /etc/fstab to mount the share when my pc start, but on mac osx, i'm a little bit lost, there is not /etc/fstab anymore :s, how to mount a samba share automatically at startup
  8. Getting a Macbook Pro

    U'll have to setup a shared folder or drive - depend what you want to share - on your windows pc, then on your mac, use the key combination "Cmd + K" and type : smb://ip_of_your_windows_pc Your windows share will me mount on osx as a network drive. That's it.
  9. Yes it's exactly what i was thinking about last time, it will be certainly possible to use the vmware fusion's tools into vmware workstation, or at least, to try if it's work or not. Let us know if it's the case
  10. And now it's Vmware turn http://blogs.vmware.com/teamfusion/2008/06...al-leopard.html
  11. Parallels Server have released a new version of their server product. We can now virtualize Mac Os X server on the top of Mac Os X Client. http://forum.parallels.com/showthread.php?t=21363 Have fun
  12. hi, look at some posts below, if u want to virtualize mac os x server, u need to get the latest version of parallels server (Beta4), and you also need to have mac os x server installed on ur laptop . in short summary, the host and the guest os must be osx server in ur case. there's currently no public version of vmware fusion for virtualizing osx server.
  13. same problem here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=102631, i also looking for an issue
  14. Install Mac OS X Server on your computer is it's not already done, and download parallels server 3.0 Beta 4 from parallels's website and that it ... @Embio : Is mac os x server working flawlessly on parallels, is it as fast as a virtualized windows XP could be ?? thx
  15. No i don't want running server as a host for a macbook pro. A laptop is by definition a client machine, the only way for me to install server operating system is to virtualize them (2003 server , linux, etc ..). I'll take a look about changing the about mac config file