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  1. IonGeneral

    Site Issues

    Anyone experiencing an issue with Facebook sign-in?
  2. Is there an AMD FX supported kernel for 10.13.6 yet? If so, could I get the direct link to the tutorial? Thanks!
  3. Is there any other way to get a Ralink WiFi USB to work in High Sierra without the use of the dreadful Wireless Utility/D-Link utility?
  4. Thanks for your input and recommendation. Unfortunately I have no access to an Intel machine. I only have my AMD system. My plan was to just install a distro and then try to download the Yosemite (I tried Sierra/High Sierra, the boot loader gave me issues and just wouldn't boot to the installer) install app from the Mac App Store and then semi-vanilla it that way. (of course when I say 'semi-vanilla' I mean, completely fresh vanilla OS X files but with an AMD kernel and necessary kexts for the AMD kernel chosen. I require the correct working kernel for AMD FX 6300 including the kexts required. (Such as System.kext etc if needed). I think for now I'll try and use Chameleon because I haven't a clue how to configure Clover.
  5. Hi @Shaneee, I've recently bought an FX 6300, same system config for everything else. Will Sierra run smoothly? At the moment I'm making a USB with Niresh's SierraZone for AMD, I'm unsure if I'll need to download another kernel to use with it or not. Could you advise? Thanks https://valid.x86.fr/n0fcgb Report.htm - AIDA64 Report
  6. Does the AMD Phenom II X6 1090T and the AMD Radeon R9 280X have OS X 10.12 support?
  7. IonGeneral

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Still the same wallpaper. My Mac looks rather boring.
  8. Hey. I've installed Yosemite on my AMD machine, installed a bootloader (Chameleon) to the Macintosh HD drive and then I rebooted. But now I get stuck at this screen and does not progress further. My full system specifications are in my signature. (CPU-Z result) I'd appreciate some useful help in determining the cause and a resolution for this. Thanks
  9. IonGeneral

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Not bad guys. I like that "There's no place like" wallpaper. I prefer to use either the Wave, Lion, Mountain Lion wallpapers though. Although I'm using Yosemite's wallpaper on my W7 system/installation.
  10. Anyone got FCPX working on AMD yet? (Final Cut Pro X)
  11. Has anyone experienced the missing kernel from the Yosemite 10.10 download from the app store? There is no /S/L/K directory? (There is no "/Kernels/kernel")
  12. IonGeneral

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    I don't like how the GUI and what not is all flat. Looks horrible compared to Mavericks. :/ Even though there's an AMD kernel testing for Yosemite, I may not even try it at all tbh. At the moment, my Mavericks installation is giving issues with the "About This Mac" not showing up.. and things just keep randomly freezing and then the system hangs. I should have never tried to edit/change the CPU information in OSX86Tools! UGH!
  13. IonGeneral

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Panther? Nooo... Mavericks.
  14. Blasphemy! Time to whip out the cavalry! (Antivirus)