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  1. Hello all, I have a bcm 4306 chipset on a pci card that is found natively witch is great. My only issue is that it takes a long time to connect to my network. Ill click on the button on the menu bar and ill sit there beach balling for a few minutes, then it will find my network and when i select it ill tke another few mins to connect. after that its a strong connection with all bars. but its a pain to wait and let this dog connect. All ideas a are appreciated!!! Hunter
  2. Hello forum, I just installed a copy of os x86 on my friends computer after having so much luck with it myself, but he has a strange problem that I did not have. after we installed it it booted to the grey apple and then the screen went blank. ive narrowed it down to a screen resaloution/frequency problem and do not know ware to go form here. His card is a BFG Tech 5500 oc'ed edition on a regular pci slot, The monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster 914v. THNX!!
  3. Ok it works thanks soo much!
  4. Hello forum, I have a wireless card (belcon 7000) with a baudcom 4300 chip . I edited the IO8211Family.knex file and restarted. it works but it takes 4-5 minutes to acess my router. If i try to mouse over the icon on the toolbar it goes to a beach ball so i cant acess the controls. Its not interference to the router or nothing because the wireless works perfectly on the computer next to my Hackintosh. any ideas please post! thnx!
  5. Hello Forum, Im writing this on my finnished Hackintosh G6 but now i want to burn some files and when i insert a blank in the drive it dont pop up on the desktop. Is there a knext i can edit/install to make this work or am i just gunna need to get a pioneer "superdrive" off of ebay? thnx. My setup is a machspeed bord (msi chipset) with a celleron d cpu 160 gb seagate on pata im not shure about the burner make/model but its a cd/dvd burner in xp and a xfx geforce 6200 on agp with qe, ci and rotation enabled! eathernet works and wireless works too!
  6. besby11

    Internet not working

    just whatever you do dont update to 10.4.10 i did and now my wireliss dont work!
  7. besby11

    Internet not working

    Hello ieatbred, What i suggest you do is go on a computer (or partiton with working internet) and google the laptop and the information you want (in this case eathernet) once you get the info on the ethernet go to the hcl (hardware compatibility list) and see if you can find something close to the model then come back here and reserch how to install knex's (its a pain in the arse for newbies trust me it gets easier) and u should be set!
  8. i got everything working wireliss sound usb vga and then i updated to 10.4.10 and now my main mode of online is gone (wireless) im writing this on a different computer so if theres anyway to fix this please help me !
  10. Hello forum, I got everything the way i want it but now i need to know how to get my ethernet working my chip is a via rhinefast and ive found the ktex but im not shure how to do it could someone walk me through it? thnx! Also I have a wireliss card and I DO OWN A OFFICAL APPLE MAC its a g4 dual 500 and i had the card in it and it was recognized natively as a airport extreme card could someone help me do this? im sorry but i dont know nothing at all about the console so please dumb it down for me THNX xXhUnTeR_-_BaKeRXx
  11. Hello Forum, Ok, The short of it is I got JaS 10.4.8 iso installed it and installed the jas 10.4.9 upgrade it crashes when it gets to the welcome to darwin/x86 loading point and then reboots it does a constant cycle of this so i reinstalled 10.4.8 and i dont know what to do any help thnx? xXhUnTEr_-_BaKeRXx
  12. OMG!! Thanks sooo much windows reely good! (yes i saw the comic) and if you would be so kind to tell me how to install this usb debug? thank you soo much againOK nvm about this ....i tell you this crazy ass thing i rebooted it with the mouse umplugged and then plugged it back in when it booted and now it works THANKYOU you have been so much help!!!
  13. the motherbord is a msi p4msd-800 with a celleron 3.20 ghz and a gig of ram its not in the hcl i checked. its a via chiptset also
  14. its a usb mouse but as i said i think its a display problem...
  15. Hello Forum, Wel, I got everything up and installed and it rebooted and now im stuck at the point ware it identifys my keybord but when i go to click ok and continue the mouse pointer wont show up. If anybody can help me please do thanx UPDATE! IM thinking its a display problem because now kaws the computer went to sleep and i wiggled the mouse and it woke up also the screens all scrunched up like its at some high resalution so anyway to fix this! thnx XxhUnTeR_-_BaKeRXx