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  1. after installing successfully and reboot now got error apple screen like that how to fix? on laptop sony vaio vpceh28fg see this error need help please
  2. please help me i don't know dsdt us for? here my configuration https://www.dropbox.com/sh/da6l2hst45dn6kg/AAAWZv1hiY7PxtYBzfVv8eECa and here my latop http://www.sony-asia.com/product/vpceh28fg and here dsdt from window 7 https://www.mediafire.com/?5xl743p59daa7wk DarwinDumper_2.9.1_Chameleon_2.2_X64_ML_seyha.zip
  3. i want to update to moverick can i update? now i use mountain lion 10.8.2. what about driver?
  4. i want to install snow leopard to my pc desktop lenovo and have configuration such as
  5. update 10.8.2 to 10.8.4

    battery still Not worked help me please and trackpad not worked too help me how to install trackpad and i don't know my trackpad elan touchpad or Synaptics touchpad here is AIDA64 Extreme Edition report can you help me please Report.txt
  6. hi i set up new hackintosh 10.8.2 and update to 10.8.4) problem is battery unknown please help me and NumLock can anyone help me please please DarwinDumper_2.8.0_Apple_X64_ML_paseyha.zip battery.tiff
  7. driver nvidia getforce 410m

    hi ifire i haved install kext trackpad and my hackintosh unknow keyboard(so now i decide set up new hackintosh 10.8.2 and update to 10.8.4) i have make the same install kext that u instruction to me but now but the problem is battery unknown please help me and NumLock can you help me maybe i'm bother u again please please battery.tiff DarwinDumper_2.8.0_Apple_X64_ML_paseyha.zip
  8. driver nvidia getforce 410m

    AIDA64 is not for mac is for pc how can i download this program for mac. do you have another program to check? how can i check it Synaptics or Elantec? and now my usb and battery working now thank you so much now i'm enjoying lol
  9. driver nvidia getforce 410m

    usb and webcam sometime work sometime not worked when restart it worked but open normally it not worked and battery show but still unknown and about launchpad i can't search(it disable can't search), spot light too slow then before and i forget to tell u that i have dual boot window 7 with mac osx and when i restart window 7 get into mac osx my touchpad not worked but if i open normally not restart it worked but trackpad not found do you have any idea about trackpad can't use the same real mac battery.tiff
  10. driver nvidia getforce 410m

    Usbrollback can't install it show msg fail and battery still not show and sleep mode working now but about this mac still not worked when i press about this mac it log off i don't know why and another one is i need to press button power on twice but on window i press normally it not know chipset or something can you help me please? DarwinDumper_2.8.0_Apple_X64_ML_paseyha.zip
  11. driver nvidia getforce 410m

    it not worked now even usb not worked too please help me sir how can i do next? about nvidia 410m worked normal now graphic.tiff
  12. driver nvidia getforce 410m

    all work i do all that u tell me now remain boot loader i386 how can i do with it? sir boot loader there are 1 file is i386 i can't install please help me? and i forget to tell u about webcam won't work too before update working normally brightness won't work too this is my hardware http://www.sony-asia.com/product/vpceh28fg
  13. driver nvidia getforce 410m

    oh thank thank hahaha , i looking for you reply for a day hahahaha
  14. driver nvidia getforce 410m

    please help me i want to fix it please reply me