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  1. Phenom & AMD 790FX

    Well.. seems to be pretty old topic but I wanted to write my own experience. I recently build an AMD machine based on Gigabyte MA-790FXT-UD5P (Yes socket AM3 & DDR3) , Phenom II 955 BE and DDR3-4GB ram. I installed OSX on intel machines before with minor problems but this one was rather time consuming. I used iDeneb 1.4 which eventually got installed to a SATA HD connected to GSATA (Jmicron?) port. While choosing the installation options I used the voodoo kernel (&seatbelt fix) as recommended for an AMD install. Well to keep it short everything seems to work without any problem apart from this "specific feature" I should call of moving the mouse was very sluggish as well as moving the opened windows across the screen. In another words the OSX seems to run perfect but the graphics "stutters" as if something "brakes" it in the background. The graphic card is an NVIDIA 7600GS for temporary use and although it has QE/CI enabled the OSX seemed to be unusable in this state. I was busy searching forums for information about such a problem for a week. At last I found the voodoo kernel documentation.. reading through the options, I came across to an option fsb= .. which should be described exactly in Hz.. That is for 200MHz (which is the standart on AMD systems) one should write boot: -v fsb=200000000 and.. voila!.. no more "grapich stuttering" no more "sluggish mouse" no more "slow window movement" etc.. the OSX got its standart speed like it runs on intel systems. Problem solved! ;-) Hope this helps someone, __adil__