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  1. That's what I want to do!!! You did this with the caldigit raid card? I want to boot into Windows to a drive connected via the old iPass slot (basically the SATA). I don't even really care to see the raid in windows. I don't think I need to connect the boot camp cable (caldigit) to get this to work right, basically because it would now be occupied? Let me know if it's this cool. Laters...
  2. rezwits

    Aluminum Keyboard and iMac 2006

    Try using bootpicker... Bombich software This lets you select your OS even Linux Laters...
  3. Get a used Mac Pro 2.66 Quad off eBay for $1800 tops. Then spend $600 for 16 GBs of ram for TransInt or OtherWorld. Then spend $270 for a 8800 Nvidia from Apple for 1st Gens. The thing that is nice is that it runs 10.4.7 and all of the system ratios are perfect. 10.4.11 takes 20 seconds from statup time to automatic login... its so hot... I run 10.5.3 on mine tho hah But basically that's $2700 vs $2800 barebones 8 core or $3800 maxed out with 16 GBs and 8800. So you could get a MacBook and a Mac Pro 4 core. or just a Mac Pro 8 core... That what I am doing/did... Laters...
  4. CCC is probably the cleanest purest way of "copying" everything. But as far as a backup every sunday or something, Super Duper is better...
  5. I don't know if this will work but, did you trash that previous ID file for Final Cut Pro? I remember a problem sometime when I went from Final Cut Studio 1.0 -> 2.0 without re-doing my entire system. Not sure if that helps...
  6. You have to make sure the drive is bootable, I had the same problem one time. The DVD-ROM drive I bought wasn't bootable for my mac. This is especially true if you just took out a drive and replaced it with basically the same ata settings as the previous drive. Basically this just sounds like a PC DVD drive that is not bootable for a mac. Sucks but some "PC" DVD drives that you can buy at Fry's or Best Buy, just aren't bootable in a Mac. Laters...
  7. rezwits

    typedef struct help

    Thanks for the response... I figured out the differences finally.
  8. I got this bug in my head where I can't seem to understand what this is saying, I have checked three different books I have on typedef and struct but I don't know exactly what this code is doing. Example code: typedef struct point { int x; int y; } point_t; Now I always thought if you wanted a structure of a certain type to be declared you just go: typedef struct { int x; int y; } point_t; What exactly is the first example doing with "point" and "point_t" or simply what happens with point? Cause I understand that later on I can declare: point_t a, b; but I basically have never seen a declaration of struct with an identifier after "typedef struct" and one after the closing "}" Thanks for any help... Laters
  9. In Leopard Server: I no longer see my user folder or groups folder normally in afp, or basically the finder window. I was able to at first but it simply quit working. I can smb access them, though. I am no longer able to connect to my server via ftp access. Was working at first. But basically stopped. In Leopard Client: I had a problem with disc images and discs not being able to unmount properly. I had the Leopard MacBook issue where the num lock and caps lock reversed and the keyboard stopped working, but that hasn't surface in a week or two. So basically those are the only errors.Everything else seems to be working smooth... Essentially I will just have to re-install Server again, to see if those errors go away...
  10. rezwits

    Going to be Re:Switched!

    sucks, no replies. I am looking to get a macbook too. The video card doesn't really scare me too much. There are alot for sale on eBay in my opinion. You know what I think the reason is? I think when they install windows and want to play games the video chip isnt all that great in windows for windows games. Kinda like a video card in a cheap PC (HP, DELL, etc). But I am still going with it. It doesn't sound all that bad... here is a snippet that sounds interesting... http://www.neowin.net/forum/lofiversion/in...hp/t575010.html
  11. This is basically the same "data" you are trying to copy over right? Cause if it is then it's possible something is wrong with files/folder that the disk utilities can't pick up. That happens. But if it's different data and different tries with different stuff then I don't what to tell you. You said it wasn't FAT32. Sounds like some files are messed up from the drive you are trying to transfer from...
  12. I have done some burning in my time and seen some errors here and there but that one looks pretty nasty... (don't want to put a damper on things but) something is wrong somewhere maybe with the burner or the media, or the image because you said you tried on windows. So something looks bad. Sucks that the only thing to do with computer problems like this is process of elimination. Different DVDs, different burner if you can find a friend or something. And thats about it....
  13. rezwits

    Boot Camp and Parallels

    No I hadn't, because I wasn't sure if I wanted to get it yet, because I couldn't do the space on my laptop with two installs, so thanks now
  14. rezwits

    Boot Camp and Parallels

    Is it possible to use boot camp to install Windows Vista and the use Parallels once in a while with the same install of Vista? Basically, if I install Vista on a partition can I load up Parallels using the same system? or would I have to have two installs of Vista?
  15. Does anyone know if Xcode 3.0 will work with 10.4.x. I am assuming NO. 10.5.x+ only...