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  1. DarwinDumper

    Great job, its very useful
  2. When I boot windows 8.1 with bootmgfw.efi the laptop show me the windows installator, but when I going to install, windows said me I need a driver and I need to find it, I think I need something in clover but I dont know, please help me. Thanks.
  3. @fusion71au Thanks for your help I can put the install.wim file into the windows partition, but I have another question. Which dirvers64 are you use in your tutorial #29?
  4. How can I copy the file install.wim, the file is too big for mdos-fat partition
  5. Clover or chameleon for legacy mode?

    Can I create an EFI partition in the HDD to boot osx? I dont wont dual boot in my laptop
  6. Clover or chameleon for legacy mode?

    If I want install osx in UEFI mode I need install win8 too? The BIOS in UEFI mode appear only detect the internal HDD with win8. I cant make my own boot in this UEFI bios. Can I have only osx?
  7. I have an insydeH20 bios in my lenovo laptop, the bios have uefi boot option only for "win8 OS" option the another option is "other OS" for legacy boot. When I go to boot option, I can choose legacy or UEFI boot but when I choose UEFI not appear anything only usb if I connect some. If I want boot with my HDD I need select legacy boot and the question is. I can use clover bootloader or only can use chameleon? Which are the best bootloader? If I can use clover in legacy mode which are the best config for clover in legacy mode.
  8. Asus Zenbook UX32vd - [Help] Black Screen HD 4000

    Sorry but I try a lot of things and finally I change my laptop because it is hardware problem.
  9. GUIDE: How to Fix Brightness hotkeys in DSDT

    I can't find the correct hotkey for my lenovo, the hotkeys are F11 and F12, but when I open the console.app I see anything in the system.log when I press the hotkeys. How can I do it? Thanks.
  10. A lot of thanks for the information, i will try it.
  11. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Yes but what are the benefits if you use the UEFIpatch in your bios? I read you do not need modify AppleintelCPUpowermanagement.kext, but you need use the NullCPUpowermanagement.kext?
  12. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    What are the differences between PMPatch and UEFIPatch? I patch my bios with UEFIPacth which are the benefits to use this tool?
  13. Hi, I have OSX in my Lenovo laptop with Niresh, but i want make a vanilla installation in my laptop, but i have two question: 1º - Which are the essentials kext for a vanilla installation? I don't have patch my bios, it is a insydeH2O. 2º - When I install Yosemite, how I can know which are the kext I need for my laptop? The model is Lenovo G400s. The laptop specifications are: CPU: i3-3110m Graphics: HD4000 Audio: CX20757 (Conexant) WIFI: BCM94322HM8L (Broadcom) Ethernet: QCA8172 (Atheros)
  14. Congratulations, great work
  15. Clover General discussion

    Can i optimize the resolution for my laptop without csmvideodxe.efi, if i use this driver clover stay in black screen an not boot (i can't see any option) all black i only see a blink line.