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  1. dear MSoK actually I'm not here to ask how to enable hardware virtualization... my issue is exactly the process of patching esxi i placed those screen shots, cause one of members requested. and my question is "could that virtualization warning be a point driving me into error?" as you may take a second look over screen shots, there is a error dialogue as a result of running patcher script? what is possibly wrong with the process of patching? I'm using a general edition of esxi and all the things are well with my VMs and hardware... could any body leave a step by step by step guide for me or do a favor, checking my screen shots to see if i'm not wrong through process? thanks everybody
  2. Hi again Thanks but I have already done as you mentioned # chmod +x install # chmod +x Unlocker # chmod +x uninstall is it right? here is the step by step process of upgrade:
  3. thanks buddy I'll surely take snap shot step by step tomorow, cuase now I have to go... regards and c u again
  4. that was just before the reboot! you know after gathering necessary information it starts some thing like installing with that progress bar, and suddenly this error diag jumps out and then... reboot after pressing Enter... or I can get what you have in mind, if so i'm sorry and can you make yourself more clear?!
  5. 1. I'm running ESXi 5.1 (no update) 2. a folder named "scripts" in "/vmfs/volumes/datastore1/scripts" actually inside vms data store as described in readme file 3. I don't have vCenter, I SSHed directly to ESX Host 4. Output is the screenshot i've attached earlier on first post of this page - page 27. thank u again my friend
  6. Finally!!! thanks for taking an action i think it shouldn't be of that importance that server is being patched is nested or so... but the question is that I have some similar difficulties patching real ESXi Host. it starts upgrading host but jumps out on about 20% progress giving error and restarting whole server...! does any one had same problem?!!! ------------------------- also i have patched workstation on my laptop instead, it worked, but i can no more patch it over a win 7 vm, does it matters if guest is a vm?!
  7. No any answers? guys take part please....
  8. Hi buddies!!! actually it is my first time try to install os x...! and this first time is installing it over VMWare ESXi 5.1 which is Hosted on HP DL380 G7 - regular hardware. I was trying it as instructed in unlocker v1.1.1 readme file, and going through upgrading it - saving my other VMs - but after some few trys which ended to some errors and restarted my host; it is going through new installation w/o asking me no more question about upgrading nor new installation... this time i decided to install it on a nested ESXi - i.e. installing ESXi on a VM and directly patching fresh ESXi - but also this time it results in some errors that I attached error dialogue box... I know it could possibly be a foolish to ask such things here, but it is so important to me to be able to install os x here virtually - something more than experiments!!! - so please be kind enough to guide me through... thanks in advance... PS: I've also attached this image for possible link problems...
  9. KBCNa

    VM ware unlocker is not working

    As I know it does NOT support vmware workstation 9.x try using 8.x