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  1. Dual Monitor Problem

    No, just a workaround. I switched from DVI to HDMI for the second Monitor and it works like a charm. Just DVI seems to make problems. I heard that DVI to HDMI Adapters will work aswell.
  2. Dual Monitor Problem

    Strange, thanks for the information. Anyone else with this problem? I dont know how to debug this issue. Further information: - Latest nvidia webdriver - AGDPFix used kexts: - FakeSMC + Sensors - CodecCommander - GenericUSBXHCI - IntelMausiEthernet - USBInjectAll - Shiki - realtekALC My config.plist, maybe there is some error? http://pastebin.com/NfgfY2Mw
  3. Black screen since upgrading to sierra

    Did you try the AGDPFIX: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/424-agdpfix/
  4. Dual Monitor Problem

    Great, thanks.
  5. Dual Monitor Problem

    Thanks for your Reply. Yes i did - no difference sadly.
  6. I'm having some problems with the Nvidia driver, have anyone seen this before: Everythin is just fine with a SINGLE monitor running off DP or DVI. If I boot with BOTH monitors attached (DP + DVI) both screens goes to sleep, just like they would do if AGDPFix was not applied on El Capitan. If I boot with a SINGLE monitor and then plug in the other monitor, BOTH come to life! I am currently at iMac17,1 for full Skylake support, but tried other SMBIOS-Settings without success. I am runnin an 980TI. Update to latest Clover 3751 did not solve this aswell. Any ideas where to search?
  7. OS X 10.9 DP's builds

    ergot, i double checked now that the controller and drives are OK. Booted from a Windows and created a new Partition on a single attached drive, wrote data on it -> no problem. Trying to create a Mac Partition on the same Drive under Mavericks, immediately freezes the system.. Controller Firmware and driver are the newest. Any Tipps?
  8. OS X 10.9 DP's builds

    Anyone of you are using a 3Ware/LSI Controller on your Hackintosh and Mavericks? On any write operations on the Volume attached to the controller, mavericks (since dp1) crashes hard. Reading operations are fine, but writing seems to be a no go The controller is not supported anymore, and mavericks is still beta i know. But maybe someone of you is running it just fine and its an issues somewhere else in my system?