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    hola todomundo! alguem teve sucesso? Arrandale?
  2. A corious case about voodooHDA

    Confirmed. I changed my vanilla installation by Niresh 10.9 and audio works perfectly before installing kexts intelHDGraphics. After, no audio. Is confirmed for me that intelHDGraphics driver interferes with voodooHDA. Thanks for all answers!
  3. A corious case about voodooHDA

    thanks to all answers, but no solution yet. I'm thinking that the IntelHDGraphics driver must be affecting voodooHDA in Maverics because, installing ML 10.8.5 audio works perfectly but not IntelHdGraphics (QE/CI dont work). With Maverics the reverse happens. Fully functional video with QE/CI, but audio does not work. the question is why ???
  4. A corious case about voodooHDA

    hi, rals2007! thanks for answer. edited allowMSI to false. No results.
  5. A corious case about voodooHDA

    I tried. No sucess : - (
  6. A corious case about voodooHDA

    hello Protege, tanks for answer! my specs: notebook Acer 4739 video first generation intel hd graphics [work] ethernet atheros AR8152 [work] sound alc 272 recognized as intel HD Audio I have audio with voodoohda v2.8.4 but, only 2 or 3 seconds of playback
  7. Hi A curious case about voodoohda: I have success on 10.9.2 with acer notebook with first gen intel hd graphics. Unfortunately, voodoohda fail. I have 2 or 3 seconds of audio playback and “puff”, no audio. I try all versions and variants of voodooHDA. No solution! Please, anyone have idea about whats goin on? Thanks for any help!