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  1. [HowTo] Building my first OSx86 box...

    Hey Bofors reading about your memory woes reminds of a situation I had with Kingston Hyperx memory. I had purchased 2x256 of hyper-x memory for an abit board and never had any problems. Sometime later I had "upgraded" to an intel board, 865 chipset I think, and was re-using the hyper-x. No matter what I tried I couldn't get the system stable with 2-2-2 4(can't remember the exact timings, but they were tight), I ended up having to run slack timings that were slower than what the memory was rated at. It turned out that, the abit board had been overvolting ever so slightly, just enough to get the memory to run correctly. I understand this is an Intel board and IRRC you can't adjust the voltage for the RAM. but maybe its differnt now. If you can adjust the voltage, bump it up a .10 of a volt and see if it helps. Also you can download a bootable .iso image with memtest to test your ram to be 100% sure. Anyways, just a thought.
  2. OK I have installed this patch on my MSI RS480M2 and it works great! For the first time in months I am able to get the most out of osx with this particular board. I haven't had time to test the drive speed but I can tell from bootup and general use that it is much much faster. I have dma, ethernet, sound (with external sb gamer mp3+) all that I need now is a better supported graphics card. Thanks again scousi
  3. Scousi, awesome work man. I have the RS480M2, (its an MSI board, MS-7093 to be exact) and I will testing this out when I get home from work. I have been able to install OSX with no DMA using platform=ADP2,1 and it works but it's very slow. From the looks of it you have DMA fully enabled and working ?
  4. RS480 Based Motherboards

    Boot with platform=ADP2,1 or whatever it is , I had to use that with 10.4.1. Not sure about 10.4.3, but I couldn't ever get dma, so the hd tops out at around 2MB/s.
  5. Problems with AMD 64 ...

    Try using platform=ADP2,1, I had the same problems as you with it being terribly slow, but this cleared it up, the only problem I have now is no sound and no DMA.