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  1. couple of questions (darwin bootloader, etc)

    For the first question, you can use AppDelete or Appzapper.All are here. And for the second question,just google it! I have tried,and here is result.
  2. IONetworkingFamily.kext from 10.4.3

    Yes! All of you are so kind.And please send me this file...Thank you very much. My email address is LonelyKnight_1991@yahoo.com Thanks again!
  3. EBIOS Error During Install DVD Boot

    Hello everybody, Tomorrow,I tried to install JasOSx86,and I had the same error, so I walk through the forum and the only answer I found was redownload the CD.It seem terrible.But luckily,this morning ,when I try to install it one more time,it's running,and so I think the reason is my or your DVD drive,it's too hot. And my answer is if you want to install JasOSx86,after preparing your disk or any things,you should turn of your computer for a few hours,or leave your DVD drive out of case.Try it and report me later. Good luck! And sorry about my English,if there is any gramma mistakes