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    macOS Mojave XPS 13 Guide + Support

    Edit: I made a hotpatch setup based on the-darkvoid's xps 13 9360 guide, no need to dump and patch dsdt, which makes the installation much easier. https://github.com/hackintosh-stuff/XPS9350-macOS everything works except: * card reader. with Sinetek-rtsx and latest openbsd changes, the memory card can be seen by diskutil, but unable to mount. * type-c hotplug works, but still need to be detached before sleep and wakeup. And according to xps 15 users, thunderbolt hotplug is probably borken as well.
  2. maz-1

    macOS Mojave XPS 13 Guide + Support

    With SSDT modification type-c hotplug works, but I have to unplug type-c device before sleep and re-plug type-c only after the machine fully wake up, otherwise the type-c controller will become invalid and the system sometimes panics when trying to wake up. https://github.com/hackintosh-stuff/XPS9350-macOS
  3. maz-1

    macOS Mojave XPS 13 Guide + Support

    Did you test type-c hotplug?
  4. I tried to add rts525a support based on openbsd code ,but it seems not woking on high sierra https://github.com/ZombieTheBest/XPS9350-10.13-HighSierra/issues/11 I wonder if it will work on sierra
  5. OpenBSD has added RTS525A support a few months ago, I wonder if it is easy to merge the changes https://github.com/openbsd/src/commit/2c295edd2d779a7f5269c2ae901559edbf040016#diff-9bdce144fd893a020f99d2f9ffad0e74
  6. Sorry to hear that. Maybe you can push it to github to allow assistance from other developers.