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  1. remove slide=0 option to fix it (found it on other hackintosh forum and it worked for me)
  2. thanks , i see i can create section for smbios within the config file, i have one more question if its not problem : i have tried chameleon (latest one) and even though it suppose tu use he smbios.plist it seems to ignore it , i have a section generated for my mac type etc. but i still have "Serial Number To Be Filled By O.E.M. in the about this mac dialog, any ideas ?
  3. i dont have an entry in config.plist and i have a problem with NVDA channel time outs :/ any ideas please ?
  4. is that a part of clover ?

    unfortunately i can do anything about it , the config inside it wont save, it seems that save option doesn't work and i cant find the config file anywhere :/
  5. is that a part of clover ?

    well the like i said i only saw it when it started to wait ages before continuing with the boot procedure, the wait for key value set itself to 65k somehow...
  6. is that a part of clover ?

    thank you, is the config done inside it saved after i quit or is there a config file somewhere on the disk ?
  7. after installing bt dongle and magic mouse , my hac started to freeze for a while on the cursor in top left corner of the screen , I've pressed esc and went into this config screen where i found out that wait time was set to 65k , anyways i would like to know if that config utility is a part of the clover or is it something on my mobo apart from bios setup ?
  8. Bluetooth dongle for mountain lion (in UK)

    yes but all i've found on ebay was abroad , and one that was supposed to be in the UK was listed for £30 ! anyway i have purchased the one from my link and it works fine oob with magic mouse.
  9. ive installed Iatkos ML2 on my daughters HP laptop , after restart it stopper straight away but i've found out that i need to use cpus=1 for hp laptops, that fixed the problem but now its stopping in the place visible on the screenshot attached, i've tried already : -x -f GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No no results whatsoever. the laptop is HP Pavilion G6-1072SA Intel Core i3-380M 2.53GHz 4 GB DDR3 320 GB SATA (5400 rpm) Intel HD graphics i would appreciate any help. thanks Seb
  10. I have searched for some info on what should I use , but all of them describe dongles available in the US , could someone direct me toward a dongle that work out of the box on mountain lion and will allow full support for Magic Mouse please ? Of course it has to be available in the UK and preferably not expensive since I just emptied my wallet getting brand new apple keyboard and Magic Mouse edit: will that work : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Belkin-Bluetooth-USB-adapter-10M-Range-F8T016-Oth-/221263762716?pt=UK_Computing_Networking_SM&hash=item338459151c#shId
  11. what i would suggest is : start it , backup plist > unmount usb > install clover again if that wont help , do the same thing , but install chameleon , if it will boot than install clover again
  12. so , you have only one hdd , and starting it with bootloader installed on usb right ? When you installed clover on hdd , did you started installation from use or from hdd ? and was usb still mounted at the time ?
  13. when was the first time it popped up ? did you change anything in the install options ?
  14. try this : http://pastebin.com/xahAzQpq no clue about the boot error