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  1. Hi removed the amd*.* and ati*.* files and booted with -f -v GraphicsEnabler=No cpus=1 Same result:-( any boot args i need to add??? as for as i searched for this issue people are using PCIRootUID=0 and got success.. but while booting when i type "?" to see the possible boot args there is PciRoot with default value being 0 and no entry of PCIRootUID Is both PCIRootUID and PciRoot are same? which one should i try??? Thanks.
  2. Hi I am still stuck at black screen.. ->I have created the usb using Chameleon-2.2svn-r2254 and chameleon wizard using SIMBios MacBook 8.1 ->I have deleted appleintelhd*.* files from S/L/E folder ->I am using fixed graphics mode.. So while on battery only Intel graphics HD3000 will be used... ->im using boot args -v -f cpus=1 (for lapic error) GraphicsEnabler=No Also with PciRoot=1(tried) PCIRootUID=0/1(tried) npci=0x3000(tried) <-I dono what these are used for it end up in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te9lLTxDnOg My laptop: HP pavilion dv6116tx Entertainment PC 2.1 GHz Intel Core i3-2310M 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 AMD Radeon HD 6490M (1 GB GDDR5) Switchable Graphics 500 GB SATA (5400 rpm) in AHCI mode pls help..
  3. Hi.. I bypassed the kernel panics and stuck at black screen issue.. I used all known bootflags: -f -v GraphicsEnabler=No cpus=1 npci=0x3000 PCIRootUID=0 and 1 PciRoot=0 and 1.. all combinations end up in same black screen (graphics card problem) i cant get past it.. pls someone tell me which flags may be working for me.. While googling for the solution i got to know that my laptop specifications are more closer to MacBookPro 8.2 than 8.1 ->Same Graphics cards (Intel HD3000 + AMD Radeon HD6490M Switchable Graphics) ->Same Processor Family (Sandy Bridge) ->Same RAM type and similar Cache type If I use MacBookPro 8.2 will the installation be a bit easier to move?? pls someone tell me Also guide me how to avoid the black screen problem.. Thanks.
  4. Hi Artur, I tried the above and while everything is loading(codes are running) my laptop screen suddenly switches off... like it's cable has been disconnected.. (but keyboard and power lights are on).. also when i rebooted windows did not start up well and later it repaired itself.. I fear it may cause any problem to my laptop.. pls help me what to do.. ->I prepared the usb as per the guide... ->I have deleted appleintelcpu*.* and appleintelhd*.* from S/L/E folder.. (i did not do this in terminal but in search box i typed appleintelhd and deleted the search results)... ->I booted with -f -v GraphicsEnabler=No cpus=1 with the original kernel.. Thanks...
  5. Sorry I did not mean i m frustrated.. u r the one who is helping me... I just wanted to know how to check my sata mode and i think found it from device manager.. I hope this is what u said about and i think its in ahci mode only.. I ll try again and update you.. Thanks...
  6. Hi I think i dont have any option to change in my Insyde BIOS other than H/W virtualisation and Dynamic graphics... I cant see AHCI or SATA anywhere in BIOS... Can u tell me how can i check whether my system has sata in AHCI mode? using any software.. If its already in AHCI mode I can continue or I should give up installing MAC along with my windows 8 right!!!
  7. I have deleted the appleintelhd*.* files in S/L/E folder... also tried with cpus=1.. i have also applied lapic fix for mach_kernal.. the same error coming... if i use "-f " then i m getting "local apic error" eventhough i applied lapic fix already... pls somebody help.. update: I have deleted appleintelcpu*.kexts from S/L/E folder.. So the previous problem is gone.. now getting local apic error... applied lapic fix for the kernel... but still getting the error... if i use cpus=1 -> still waiting for root device my hardware virtualisation is enabled... is that a problem..??
  8. Thanks for the reply.. i used macbook pro 8.1 and pasted null cpupowermanagement kext (along with fakesmc kext) in /System/Library/Extensions folder of the usb... In that folder u want me to delete appleintelhd*.*...???
  9. Hi... I have followed this guide strictly.. As a beginner It helped me so much.. but i m stuck at Step 3A.2.. After 3A.1 "OS X" option is not coming instead i get "Mac OSX Base system" (I think OSx installer is not coming).. If I enter that im getting the following error.. Pls help.. PS: (I haven't used the 2.2svn-r2254-i386.zip file at all (which i downloaded along with chameleon bootloader installer) till step 3A.1) I Have HP pavilion dv6116tx Intel i3(2nd gen) Intel HD3000 Graphics with AMD Radeon HD6490M(but i m using fixed mode graphics) 4GB ram