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  1. Hey guys, I know this is slightly off-topic. I'm a video journalist working for the Wall Street Journal on a story about people building their own Macs from scratch. Basically we want to see who's doing it, what are some of the coolest builds, how challenging is it, and how much can you save? If any of you might be interested in participating, please PM me. Especially if anyone is California-based. Thanks! Best, Michael
  2. I'm a video journalist working on a story for WSJ and we're looking into doing a video on people building hackintoshes. I'm based in Southern California and looking for hackintosher(s) who might be able to share their experience. If you're in SoCal--that's perfect, if not, but you're still interested, get in touch. There might be a way for you to still participate. Some of what we're looking for: How difficult is it really? How much money do you save? What are some of the strangest, coolest, or sleekist end results? Message me if you might be willing to share your experience on camera. Thanks! -Michael