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  1. [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    Can't seem to get it work on my Rampage IV Gene with 3930K. Everything works fine (USB 2.0 including), except for my two USB 3.0 ports. Anyone maybe more information or (SSDT) files for my model?
  2. I have a GTX 780, with significantly lower performance in mavericks compared to windows. Think it's the drivers though.. Waiting on nvidia, and apple is the only option i think.
  3. Amazing!! Thanks! you made me so happy. My hackintosh is complete now
  4. Wow!! i'm excited! can't wait!! Thank you, you rock!
  5. That would be to awesome!! i think there will be much appreciation, much people have chameleon. Only if you have time though! (Enzo's theme is nice, but your theme is more modern (more flat, no shadow) and the background fits more at Apples default style, your theme is perfect )
  6. wow, best theme i'v seen! thank you for sharing. (little pity i like chameleon more, but this theme just want me to switch to clover. Or is it possible to use this theme on chameleon??, or is it simply to edit for chameleon?) Thanks again , this theme deserves more attention by the way.
  7. strange thing happen today with the dock

    Have you tried a reboot?
  8. Good to hear. What is the problem? not connecting? Also make sure your mouse or whatever is on while booting. Sometimes when i turn on my magic mouse in MacOSX it won't connect.
  9. My problems are fixed! I'v made a file for you guys which should fix your bluetooth problems in mavericks. This fix should repair connection/discover/pair problems with bluetooth in Mavericks. Also helped me fix a problem were my magic mouse was recognised as normal mouse. (no multitouch/gestures enabled.) Drop all the files (simultaneously) into the Kext Utility. Wait until process is done (fill in password when ask). Reboot. Bluetooth should now work properly. —— Note: Do not turn off bluetooth. —— Bluetooth 10.9.0 Fix.zip Let me know if it worked *Try at own risk*
  10. G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    Hi there, Can i order one too? Im in the netherlands, i would love to see my G5 mod alive. Can you sent me a PM with details? Payment methods? (Paypal or just iban transfer) Thanks in advance, great someone still makes these cables
  11. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    Can i order one too? i am in the Netherlands. Thanks in advance!!