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  1. Hey guys!!! help me! My machine in sig... here problem - -sh: ./OpenCL2_Bench_V025: Bad CPU type in executable in oclinfo: 0 OpenCL devices found! What's wrong???
  2. VoodooPowerAcpi 1.2.5 for 10.6.x

    where i can download it? i can't find...
  3. System boot Leo at Abit IP35-e

    Wow... Man! We did it!!! It's work!!! Thanks thanks thanks!!! Without PS2 system boot very well. Why I never saw this before? This topic is closed. Now I will work with retail mac!!!
  4. System boot Leo at Abit IP35-e

    Hm... Thanks for message. This kext was unpacked from extensions.mkext (i found it in one topic where one guy recommended this mkext for retail install). So... I Will try to use your recommendations... Now will note: 1. No PS2 2. I don't use IDE 3. BIOS have latest firmware... 4. At home machine where I have Q6600, I use only vanilla... So... Only need replace only PS2 keyboard. TNX!
  5. System boot Leo at Abit IP35-e

    Well. I have gathered some information ... Here some results. First of all I downloaded the original MacOSX. 10.5.6 - almost 7 Gb. I was hasn't the mood to work with the DVD-DL. So I decided all quite simple. I took 8 gig flashdrive. Then I has divided it into two sections, one 100 MB and another 7.5 GB. At 7.5 gigabyte partition I unpack retail disc. All that I has modified - the installer (I took it from seventh atkos) and added a voodoo kernel to check it on the test platform. At 100 MB I thought put boot132, but as the sentiment was little, decided to install Chameleon second. In Extra I added necessary kexts and went home to try to load this flashdrive. Before that I tested this flashdrive at work. I have installed Leopard on so very old machine that most did not believe (and quite comfortably run Leopard on it), but this machine was not able to boot vanilla kernel of course (it's not strange - P4BP-MX 512 RAM and a Celeron 2,4 on socket 478:)) but, with the voodoo kernel it took off, was installed, and even updated from software update to 10.5.8. (all that I did - once again put the kernel instead of vanilla which is delivered update). Encouraged by this victory went home. And then this happened... Mood disappeared altogether. The system has stopped again and again. And again with the old symptoms. Sometimes she hung on the "wait for boot volume" (as you can see now I boot system from USB not DVD-ROM) And then at the "BSM auditing present" And now the main feature. That is how the system hangs! See screenshot: What is this? What should I do? Waiting for your help! P.S. Throwing computer through the window does not good idea.
  6. System boot Leo at Abit IP35-e

    One man recommend me to use retail install. Will try today. Now I'm prepare initrd for this install on my Tiger. In this initrd will add DuNe's kext.
  7. System boot Leo at Abit IP35-e

    TNX for replay. I'll try all your recommends... 1-st. Jmicron is turned off in BIOS. I never use it. 2-nd. Dune's IOATA kext is alredy tested. Not work. Will try ICH fix and video... One more THX...
  8. System boot Leo at Abit IP35-e

  9. I have searched for in existing topics - to no avail. If something is already there, do not delete the topic - give me a link. And now my problem: No Problem with the installation. Problems with booting the system. I can not understand the problem. When you boot the system hangs, sometimes in the most random places. There is no specific place. The system may hang at "BSM auditing present" may hang on "waiting for boot volume" and can hang at the middle of the log phrase, even if not showed until the end of it on screen. After 5-6 reset the system boots normally. hardware is working well. After the installation is working perfectly well too. The problem with booting the system. I thought the video - no. I had a videocard HD2600Pro, which I then changed to HD4870 - the problem persists. I checked RAM on memtest - it also have no problems. Motherboard? As I can see on the internet that guys put on it MacOSX without problems. I also installed MacOSX. So only boot system is very bad. The problem with booting the system not only after installation (I think there is no problem with the MBR, GUID not used) but the same symptoms hanging on boot installation disk. Frozen System -> reset, and so 4-5 times, then bang, system boot as if there is no problem ... Maybe someone is already seen that problem? Maybe the problem is not with the motherboard, but with something else? processor? say that it can be! It is very difficult. At work, work with MacOSX, but at home - Windows. Now, information about my hardware: Intel Q6600 C2Q Abit IP35-e 2 Gb mem ATI HD4870 SATA DVD-Rom SATA WD 500 Gb (Storage) SATA Seagate 160 Gb (System) Who can suggest something! Links, Tips, Manuals! I would be grateful for any information! P.S. I have tried a lot of distributions. The result is the same. Tried: Kallyway 10.5.2 Leo4All different versions v.2 v.3 iPC 10.5.6 iAtkos iDeneb I already have a huge collection of distributions ... All of them are installed, but the problem remains... P.S.S. Sorry for bad english. This is mix of my school english and google translate
  10. Hm. Are you think that it helps? I have one more machine at work. Celeron. and etc. Old machine. And Leopard boot great!
  11. mumford! Hey! Can I ask you? Can you install Leo using native motherboard SATA controller without silicon image? I still can't make stable boot
  12. Hm... I will try install Leo without any patch and drivers... Maybe it will help... With Xp or Vista I haven't problems with booting or etc...
  13. maybe my system freezing on BSD auditing present because I have use my onboard SATA slots and you are using silicon card?Can you try install MacOSX on native SATA, not silicon?Have another question: which SMBios you are using? Last netkas? Or something else?When I install my system I uncheck all parameters, except network driver, usb patch, SMBios. And that's all... And I have my old problem. System boot very badly. System booting after 5-th o 6-th try! I don't like that...Can you help with this my global and last problem?
  14. Fuf...... So... Let's fun... Tnx...