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  1. Radeon Xpress 200M

    Hey, I'm new here and if you all could try to get the 10.4.7 Xpress 200M to work, or at least put more effort into the project then some of us with widescreen laptops won't be bored to death of a too wide 1024x768 and I won't be able to get another laptop for a couple years. I got the laptop a bit before Vista came out so by now some of you could be able to crack it. Here's my System Hardware Information OS's (Yes Multiple): Windows Server 2008 Beta 3, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows XP Professional, Mac OS X 10.4.7 Memory (RAM): 1022 MB CPU: AMD Turion64 Mobile Technology SSE2\SSE3 Compatibility Please continue the project! My computer will need this or I will have to get my grandmother mac on her's.