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  1. Count me a convert too! Picked up a nice MacBook 1.83GHz with a warranty from eBay and it came in the mail on Wednesday. I am having a blast, and now wonder what took me so long! (I have a close friend who has been tooting the glories of Mac for about 10 years!) I first tried OSX86 in November, so it only took about 4 months to convert. Note to Steve...offer demos of OSX and you will see many more converts. Jennifer
  2. Leopard Jewel Case Cover

    It is great! Could you load an editable file of it? (Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro?)
  3. Show your computer running OS X

    I know...I know...old topic, but I finally just got both of my lappytops running OSX and I wanted to share. Here is my little home office. I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 (Windows Vista Home Premium machine) and a HP Pavilion zv6131us (Windows XP Professional SP2 machine) running Uphuck 10.4.9 r 1.3 (system specs in my siggy), and my HP Pavilion desktop a305w running Windows XP Professional SP2 (desktop system isn't running OSX). Just had to share! Jennifer
  4. Okies...am I the only one to hate my Dell? I have a HP Pavilion laptop (4 years old) that took to OSX86 like a charm once I figured out that I needed to install a universal kernal rather than the AMD one. Everything pretty much worked OOTB, with a couple exceptions, and for the other things, the workarounds were easy. I figured that since that was so easy, my 6-month-old Dell Inspiron E1505 would be a snap too. After all, it is an Intel processor this time, so shouldn't it be a breeze? Well, that is what I get for thinking, right? To just get 10.4.9 to work was a major headache, and thus far, loading Leopard has been impossible for me. Kalyway at least sent me into the registration sequence, but upon rebooting, it wouldn't go back into Leopard. iAKOS did nothing but give me either a "Missing Operating System" or nasty blinking cursor. The same with ToH. I have tried both clean installs and "upgrading" my working Tiger installation. I finally gave up and went back to Tiger, which at least works, but it still frustrates me that I can't get Leopard to work on my Dell. I guess I was spoiled in general by HP. The recovery process is much easier...pop in a disk and it does the rest. Dell on the other hand requires installation of each individual driver, which takes much longer. Anyway....has anyone found any installing Leopard onto a Dell laptop easier? Can someone tell me what I could be doing wrong? Jennifer Service Tag: XXXXXXX System Type: Inspiron 6400/E1505 Ship Date: XX/XX/XXXX Dell IBU: Americas Quantity Parts # Part Description 1 GM296 PROCESSOR, T2350, 1.86, 2M, DUAL CORE YONAH, D0 1 DF263 ASSEMBLY, ADAPTER, ALTERNATING CURRENT, 65W, MOBILE 2007, LITEON, WORLD WIDE 1 JP969 KIT, SOFTWARE, DELL MEDIA DIRECT, 3, VSTA, DIGITAL VIDEO DISK DRIVE 1 DF771 CORD, POWER, 125, 1M, C7, 2P, DUAL, UNITED STATES 1 NC929 KEYBOARD, 87, UNITED STATES, ENGLAND/ENGLISH, SINGLE POINTING, D PLUS SERIES 2 W5966 DUAL IN-LINE MEMORY MODULE, 1GB, 533, 128X64, 8K, 200 1 PN182 KIT, SOFTWARE, WORKS, 8.5, ENGLAND/ENGLISH 1 N3564 HARD DRIVE, 160G, Serial ATA, 9.5, 5.4, SE080 1 FF058 LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY, 15.4WSXGA+, VIDEO ELEC. STDS. ASSOC., GLARE WIDE VIEWING ANGLE, QUANTA DISPLAY INCORPORATED 1 KN358 ASSEMBLY, CABLE, COAXIAL, LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY, SINGLE, 6400 1 NF882 BEZEL, ASSEMBLY, PLASTIC, LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY, 15.4, 6400 1 JN149 BATTERY, PRIMARY, 11.1V, 9C, LITHIUM, SANYO, V2 1 WF148 CARD (CIRCUIT), GRAPHICS, 256MB, M54, I6400 1 DT610 ASSEMBLY, DVD+/-RW, 8X, NEC CORPORATION, SULLIVAN/TOBAGO 1 YH774 CARD (CIRCUIT), WIRELESS, MINICARD, DW1390, BROADCOM CORPORATION 1 HX425 KIT, SOFTWARE, OVERPACK, VHP32, A01, DIGITAL VIDEO DISK DRIVE, ENGLAND/ENGLISH 1 XD720 ASSEMBLY, BASE (ASSEMBLY OR GROUP), NOTEBOOK, DISCRETE, 6400 ------------------------- CPU-Z version 1.41 ------------------------- Processors Map ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Number of processors 1 Number of threads 2 Processor 0 -- Core 0 -- Thread 0 -- Core 1 -- Thread 0 Processors Information ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Processor 1 (ID = 0) Number of cores 2 Number of threads 2 (max 2) Name Intel Core Duo Codename Yonah Specification Intel® Core™ Duo CPU T2350 @ 1.86GHz Package Socket 479 mPGA (platform ID = 5h) CPUID 6.E.C Extended CPUID 6.E Core Stepping D0 Technology 65 nm Core Speed 1596.1 MHz (12.0 x 133.0 MHz) Rated Bus speed 532.0 MHz Stock frequency 1866 MHz Instructions sets MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3 L1 Data cache 2 x 32 KBytes, 8-way set associative, 64-byte line size L1 Instruction cache 2 x 32 KBytes, 8-way set associative, 64-byte line size L2 cache 2048 KBytes, 8-way set associative, 64-byte line size FID/VID Control yes FID range 6.0x - 14.0x max VID 1.263 V Features XD Memory SPD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DIMM #1 General Memory type DDR2 Module format SO-DIMM Manufacturer (ID) Hyundai Electronics (AD00000000000000) Size 1024 MBytes Max bandwidth PC2-4300 (266 MHz) Part number HYMP512S64BP8-C4 Serial number 00001224 Manufacturing date Week 18/Year 07 DIMM #2 General Memory type DDR2 Module format SO-DIMM Manufacturer (ID) Hyundai Electronics (AD00000000000000) Size 1024 MBytes Max bandwidth PC2-4300 (266 MHz) Part number HYMP512S64BP8-C4 Serial number 04004223 Manufacturing date Week 18/Year 07 DMI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DMI BIOS -------- vendor Dell Inc. version A15 date 04/20/2007 DMI System Information ---------------------- manufacturer Dell Inc. product MM061 version unknown serial 1PJ61D1 UUID 44454C4C-5000104A-8036B1C0-4F314431 DMI Baseboard ------------- vendor Dell Inc. model 0XD720 revision unknown serial .1PJ61D1.CN4864375F7297. DMI System Enclosure -------------------- manufacturer Dell Inc. chassis type Portable chassis serial 1PJ61D1 DMI Processor ------------- manufacturer Intel model unknown clock speed 1866.0MHz FSB speed 133.0MHz multiplier 14.0x DMI Port Connector ------------------ designation USB (internal) port type USB connector Access Bus (USB) DMI Port Connector ------------------ designation MONITOR (internal) port type Video Port connector DB-15 female DMI Port Connector ------------------ designation FireWire (internal) port type Firewire (IEEE P1394) connector IEEE 1394 DMI Port Connector ------------------ designation Modem (internal) port type Modem Port connector RJ-11 DMI Port Connector ------------------ designation Ethernet (internal) port type Network Port connector RJ-45 DMI Extension Slot ------------------ designation PCMCIA 0 type PCMCIA width 32 bits populated no DMI Physical Memory Array ------------------------- location Motherboard usage System Memory correction None max capacity 4096MBytes max# of devices 2 DMI Memory Device ----------------- designation DIMM_B format DIMM type DDR total width 64bits data width 64bits size 1024MBytes DMI Memory Device ----------------- designation DIMM_A format DIMM type DDR total width 64bits data width 64bits size 1024MBytes Software ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Windows Version Microsoft Windows Vista (6.0) Home Premium Edition (Build 6000) DirectX Version 10.0
  5. About This Mac Screenshots

    I finally got Tiger running on my cursed Dell Intel CoreDuo. Wish I could get Leopard to run, but maybe I will get it to run one of these days. But until then...here is my screenie. Unfortunately, stupid Radeon Mobility X1400 only allows me to get to 1400x1050, but other than that, it isn't too bad. Anyway, here it is, along with my profiler. :-) Jennifer
  6. I have seen really large images made from icons. How is this done? Everytime I open up an icon, it doesn't show up that large, so how have people extracted large images from these small icons? Can anyone offer me any ideas? Thanks! Jennifer
  7. I want to up my resolution, but I do not want to enable QE or CI in the hopes that I wont encounter the terrible tearing that I had with it. Is there any way to just increase the resolution without adding QE or CI? Thanks! Jennifer
  8. Is this only for the 9400/E1705, or can it be used with the 6400/E1505? Thanks! Jennifer
  9. I need to code my boot file to run as one core rather than 2 and also to change my resolution for my monitor. Could someone tell me (in dummy speak) how to do this? I am fairly new to the Mac terminal...so any help would be great! Thanks! Jennifer
  10. Help with setting partition as active...

    How do you add the MBR microcode? Jennifer
  11. Help with setting partition as active...

    Okay, I did this, yet still the computer tells me that the operating system is missing. Help!
  12. Help with setting partition as active...

    Okay...I finally figured out why I couldn't use GParted. Apparently my Dell didn't like the disks my HP created. We have a lot of "snobby" computers in this house and all of them think they are too good to talk to the others. <sigh> Sibling rivalry, I swear! Anyway...now that I am into GParted, what do I do? Can someone do a FAQ as to how to use GParted to set up Leopard? Thanks! Jennifer
  13. I have fought, kicked, screamed, threatened...etc...trying to use GParted LiveCD, all with no success. My computer will not boot from it. Does anyone have a different program to set my Leopard install as active so I can use the Darwin Bootloader as my loader? I would greatly appreciate it! Jennifer
  14. Dell E1505 Users...

    Thanks for the help! I will look for the Sigmatel drivers! Jennifer
  15. Dell E1505 Users...

    Were you able to at least successfully install it? I am not too concerned about sleep, because it doesn't work in my HP Pavilion either. As long as I can get a display with the X1400, I am okay with it, because I was told that the Radeon Mobility 200 wouldnt work either and I found a workaround patch that made it to where I could at least change the resolution (even though CI/QE doesn't work), so I was going to try that to see if it would work with the X1400 to be able to change resolution, but if I have no display, it won't work at all. So, does your monitor work? Did it install at all? Thanks for the help! Jennifer