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  1. I've done a few hackintoshes over the years. I happened upon a Dell R410 server and I'm thinking "why the heck not turn this into a bitchin' hackintosh workstation." ... eventually I'll get a true Mac-compatible PCI-X graphics card for it and some USB-sound card that works, but right now I just want to get it to boot. So that's my project this weekend. It has 12G of RAM, 2x E5504 CPUs (2 * quad core, 2Ghz) and 2x 500GB SATA drives Right now I'm trying to get iATKOS L2 to boot from a USB stick using Chimera. I have the USB stick built correctly and the kernel begins to load, then panics. Look at the following screendump (iDRAC is nice for that) to figure out what I'm doing wrong. I've tried a few different boot flags including CPUS=1 DSDT=no -f -v -x busratio=22 (in different permutations.) Each time I get the same panic (see attached.) Any clues? Any other boot flags I can try?
  2. katz

    lion 7.0.2 on Lenovo G550 - webcam

    I got further by adding the PS2 keyboard/mouse and voodoo battery, but I still can't get the network to work even after editing the info.plist file and booting with -f
  3. katz

    lion 7.0.2 on Lenovo G550 - webcam

    No clue. I just did iAtkos L2 onto my G550 and the camera worked fine for the install. I'm still wrestling with the wireless drivers, getting the local keyboard to work, etc. What drivers did you add on the iAtkos install?
  4. katz

    iLenovo G550

    Wow, I completely missed the boat in getting you info to get things running. I'm going to try again with Lion on this thing. I had to go back to Windows on here for various reasons, but now I can play all I want.
  5. katz

    osX on Compaq Proliant G2 DL580

    I'm going to try it on mine tomorrow, maybe, depending on how much time I have. The big question would be the RAID controller. I think the Intel NICs would be OK, and the CPUs are big and bad enough they should handle Snow Leopard. But, mine is only 32 bit, not 64, so no Lion on it for me
  6. katz

    $116 dual core hackintosh

    I bought one of the K8N-DRE boards when they were $8 or something ridiculous from NewEgg, and 2 years later I'm just getting around to playing with it. I have dual Opteron 280s and 4G of RAM. How has this held up for you? I'm about to do Lion on mine provided I can find a DVD-ROM drive (I may just have to bite the bullet and buy one.)
  7. katz

    iLenovo G550

    Because I wasn't able to get the local keyboard/mouse to work with 10.6 I went with an older copy of Kalyway I had (10.5.2.) -- this works pretty well. Out of the box sound worked. On the initial boot I had to boot single user, disable the Setup Assistant, manually enable root, but after that everything was fine. I then added the broadcom script (referenced in the above posts) to get network going. My G550 has the Intel graphics and NOT the nVidia. I'm using the info here to get native resolution, but no QE or anything: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=173338
  8. katz

    iLenovo G550

    Even after the BIOS update and re-running kakewalk and the 10.6 install I need to use an external USB keyboard and mouse to do anything. Did you run into this at all?
  9. katz

    iLenovo G550

    Some updates to help people out. I'm in the middle of doing this on my G550.. From the dual-boot section 4) Now Close Disk Utillites and open Terminal. 5) Type into terminal fdisk -e /dev/disk0. fdisk -e /dev/disk0 .. once at the fdisk> prompt type "pr" to show the partition table. The partition that is the windows partition you want to activate, so you'll type "f #" where # = the number of the windows partition. NOT the F3 key. From there, type U to update the table on its own line Then W to write it, then Q to quit fdisk.