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  1. What's GTX Card support 3 Monitor?

    Are you use this please take photo for confirm your build. it's very important.
  2. What's GTX Card support 3 Monitor?

    You use this one?
  3. What's GTX Card support 3 Monitor?

    Hello anybody. Who's guy use Nvidia GTX card with 3 monitor please share.
  4. yes, Clover detact linux , This solution for uefi
  5. Ubuntu uefi grub need biosboot partition.I have no idea with kvm
  6. This solution, i boot with Clover EFI,
  7. [Help] HD Graphics 4600

    if seties 9 you need toleda intel hd framebuffer patch
  8. Fusion Drive - Easy Step With Clover EFI

    I message is big problem with Hackintosh. Not only fusion drive.
  9. Clover Themes

    I test with myself it work.Don't take credit if you don't make something yourself.
  10. Clover Themes

    I found YosemiteLogin from theme database http://goo.gl/M3z0Tq
  11. thank you, I dont know the command b4. easy solution to switch default boot partition.use start up disk in system preferences. choose -> restart.
  12. google hwsensor sourceforge
  13. ATI XFX Radeon 5670 Kext For Mavericks 10.9

    I install maverick as createmedia cammand solution with clover + hfsplus.efi. my hackintosh work grate with fbname=Eulemur and injectAti. but hd 5670 redwood work with injectati without fbname.
  14. I'm so sorry. I try any Idea.I can boot windows 8 perfect without IgnoreNVRAMboot=true. I have no /Library/Logs/CloverEFI. thank for your advances.