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  1. Leo4All and Kalyway 10.5.2 install GUI issue

    use mbr worked for me.
  2. hi i got a Dell dimension 9200. I tried to install kalyway 10.5.1 and no luck. I want to start a thread to get people with a 9200 together and we could figure it out together on a concetrated thread on this pc. anyone have any luck or experience with this board?
  3. hardware question MSI motherboard....

    i got this board to run unpuck 10.4.9. no sata i used ide hard drive. the audio and network works.
  4. os x not detecting hard drive?

    i have the same problem with a Sata so i used a IDE and it works. i got my xp on sata and my osx on ide.. good luck.
  5. whats the best motherboard that will run 10.5 and 10.4 no patching?
  6. whats the best motherboard socket 775 that will run 10.5 with no patching. will it work for 10.4.9? im planning on buying a new motheboard soon. thanks
  8. can i let my itunes update?

    oh sorry i got a msi motherboard intel d dual core 3.ghz chip 2gb ram onboard video love it running osx86 out the box. unpuck 10.4.9 install.
  9. can i let my itunes update?

  10. i got unpuck 10.4.9 on my hackintosh and i wanted to know if i should let my itunes update. and should i update to 10.4.10? thanks
  11. what the advantage of updating from 10.4.9 to 10.4.10? Should i do it and how i used a unpuck 10.4.9 intel chip msi via board.
  12. what us unpuck?

    thanks guys for answering my questions. i was about to buy a real osx and install it on my pc
  13. what us unpuck?

    ok cool so its illegal. but is it the same os as tiger? also if i buy osx from apple and install it on my pc will it still be illegal? will a leagal version work? thanks for answering my post colonel.
  14. what us unpuck?

    i got a hackingtosh myself i have it running. but is unpuck 10.4.9 apple tiger os? a Mac buddy says its a bootleg os and is not mac. what is it if its not mac?