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  1. [AMD] Working Builds!

    Cool tool. Worked like a charm, but, Hey, While I got you, has anyone been able to fix the graphics artifacts glitch in Mountain Lion on AMD? *Graphics working properly on 10.9 Mavericks!
  2. [AMD] Working Builds!

    Here ya go Spaak SysInfo.tiff SysInfo.tiff SysInfo2.tiff
  3. [AMD] Working Builds!

    OS 10.6.8 Snow Leopard AMD Working build on Dell Studio XPS 7100 Processor: AMD Phenom II x6 1075t 3.0 Ghz; Motherboard: Dell Studio XPS 7100 Motherboard: -On Board Audio ALC887/888b does not work, had to buy a USB Audio Adapter for $9 to get 2channel sound. On Board microphone works with VoodooHDA.kext installed. (I now have two audio devices.) -On-board LAN does not work -All USB Ports work without issue Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5450 working when updated to 10.6.8 and then editing the ATI5000.kext plist to include 68f91002 hardware id. Wifi Card: (PCI-e) works out of box (I think its a broadlcom wifi card, 12GB Ram 1TB Sata Hard drive Install Method: Used nawcom boot CD which gave me a compatible kernel (legacy_kernel) and chameleon bootloader necessary to get to the installation screen on my AMD system. Installed with bootflags -v and -force64 as required by my processor. After installation, updated to 10.6.8 and applied the ATI5000.Kext.plist edit mentioned above to get working graphics card. Note: Currently using arch=i386 maxmem=4096 busratio=19 and -force64 as bootflags. P.S. Thanks to Duran Keeley and Spaak and the insanelymac community for the good input and putting up with my dumba#@. You guys rule. *Mavericks 10.9 working build nearly complete! New kernel in downloads section works great! Thanks and congrats to all involved. Awesome work.
  4. Ok, so I got a successful install of ML10.8.3 using many different kernels (amd_kernel by Andy, Bronzka's 10.8.x from the Downloads page for example). Installed a nice looking Chameleon 2262 bootloader at full resolution (Thanks for the tip spakk!) on the ML partition, booted with several different bootflags, and still crashes right after the Darwin/kernel loads. I've tried everything I can think of and I'm stuck with a barely functional Snow Leopard. I have so many questions...for instance: 1. how is a kernel implemented during an installation? I've been just replacing kernel after kernel and renaming it to "mach_kernel" and placing it in the root of the install disk, hoping it is somehow recognized. Does this work?
  5. I get a reboot with either kernel...
  6. Yes to both, I replaced the mach kernel with Bronzovka's 10.8.x kernel and removed the kexts as asked by myHack... I did finally get a successful install using the Bronzovka Kernel, but still can't boot the OS X. I am using a 1TB hard drive with half partitioned to Snow Leopard (which Im using right now) and half set aside for the Mountain Lion Install. Don't know if that matters.
  7. I'd like some help getting mountain lion installed on my Phenom II x6 based Dell XPS 7100 computer. I tried using the myHack guide with a 16gb thumb drive and retail ML10.8.2, replacing the default mach kernel with the AMD kernels you suggested, but the installation failed during the last minute. When I try to boot the ("failed") install with myHack's Chameleon Bootloader, the system reboots over and over. The guide on the myHack page said to try a couple of bootflags, (PciRoot=0, GraphicsEnabler=No) but I still get the reboot loop. I'm looking for a reliable method to get it installed, any suggestions would be welcome. Dell Studio XPS 7100 - AMD Phenom II x6 1075t Processor - ATI Radeon HD5450 Graphics Card - ALC887 Onboard Audio Controler