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  1. Dual Monitor Setup Not Working

    It seems I have encountered the same issue under macOS 17A365 with a Radeon R9 270x, although my desktop remains on its own screen and the secondary display draws pure black. It's a regression from macOS Sierra where the second monitor worked properly.
  2. I have included a preview copy of the tool. Note that on Windows and Linux platforms, there is a need to decompress the packages separately. Usage: fetch-macos.py [OPTIONS] Options: -o, --output-dir TEXT Target directory for package output. -c, --catalog-id TEXT Name of catalog. -p, --product-id TEXT Product ID (as seen in SoftwareUpdate). -l, --latest Get latest available macOS package. --help Show this message and exit.
  3. FetchMacOS - A tool to download macOS on non-Mac platforms. A few months ago I was playing around with the idea of looking at Apple's new distribution method for the macOS Installer (in the A/B test that delivers either a complete app bundle, or a 7MB stub that downloads the rest separately). Since it seemed to use the existing swdist distribution server, I decided to use some older code to write a client that emulates the 7MB macOS Installer and fetches the installation data from Apple's servers. It works on Linux and Windows, and is probably the closest thing to a clean copy of macOS without involving an actual Mac or the App Store. This thread is just to garner some opinions on the idea, and maybe adding some improvements (such as including createinstallmedia logic to make installation drives from the data) before making a wider release. FetchMacOS 1.1a http://swdist.furcode.co/bin/FetchMacOS-1.1.zip SHA1 = f80c408d68c813364a6493cd22a4df214216ec51