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  1. Fixed! I just set the flag, using Clover configuration.app, "DualLink" to 0!
  2. I get clover installed on my laptop and full working, "System information" finally recognize my graphics card so I guess the kext get loaded thanks to this video guide (http://www.niresh12495.com/videos/view-8-how-to-get-ati-5650m-working-with-qeci-on-osx-mavericks/). Unfortunately I get a strange video glitch, can anyone point me out to resolve the situation? I though I was setting the wrong frame buffer but I'm using the same as the guide write. All images are in the attachments.
  3. istopped

    Clover on MyHack?

    I've followed the guide but I get a strange visual glitch. My card get recognized if I look into "System information" app.
  4. istopped

    Clover on MyHack?

    Hi, I've installed myHack on a Vaio VPCEB3M1E and all works except the graphics (Wifi works and I'm impressed). There is a way to install Clover2 on my laptop to try use the inject the EDID and the graphics? EDIT: GUID partition type