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  1. thenightflyer

    AMD Radeon Vii in macOS Mojave

    I'm thinking about a radeon VII but i'm not fully convinced. At the moment i use a GTX 680 native with Mojave, not so fast but no problems at all with fans etc. Maybe after june news i will decide to buy a Radeon VII
  2. thenightflyer

    X299 WU8 with Intel Core i9-9980XE

    I use it as music workstation but i'm sure it's ok for your purposes too. I saw the build you were looking but i prefer Gigabyte Designarex to Asus Prime because it has a better VRM.
  3. thenightflyer

    X299 WU8 with Intel Core i9-9980XE

    I've a build similar to your, with Designare EX X299 instead of WU8. I upgraded my 7980XE with the new 9980XE and everything work without any kernel change Just like you only sleep, internal wi-fi and bluetooth don't work.
  4. thenightflyer


    Hi vector...only today i had time to try HWMonitorSMC2.app_2.4.1 and unfortunately it shows only 16 of my 18 cores CPU...the previous releases were ok, infact the last i used was HWMonitorSMC2.app_IPG_optional and it shows all 18 cores temp.
  5. thenightflyer


    did you remove cpu frequencies? I see no more frequency core multiplier....
  6. thenightflyer


    Sorry about the delay...i tested directly the last beta 6 and now as fabiosun i see all 18 cores. Thanks
  7. thenightflyer


    Thanks i will try when i will come back home later in the night or tomorrow...i'll report
  8. thenightflyer


    The strange thing is that with an old version of the app i saw all cpu cores....i cannot tell you exactly what version because i deleted when i upgraded and the old version is no more available.
  9. thenightflyer


    SMCProcessor is already loaded....
  10. thenightflyer


    I don't know why but not all cores are shown using your app...i've i9 7980XE and only 16 cores instead of 18 are shown....why?
  11. thenightflyer

    [Fixed] Home page login not working

    Same for me too...
  12. I tested your ssdt but i've black screen at osx login....just like fabio i use an ssdt to rename my graphic card so i can avoid to patch applegraphicspolicy every time system is updated. So i cannot tell you if other things are renamed or not.
  13. I will test in the afternoon and i will report. Thanks my friend
  14. Here they are...in Origin dir there are original DSDT files, in patched SSDT i use now, the one for CPU and the other to rename my GPU. Thanks Archive.zip
  15. HI nmano i attach you my ioreg...ive thunderbolt card and firewire card too....graphic card is on 1^ slot. Please make an SSDT-all for me too Mac Pro tnf.zip