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  1. EP35-DS4 Almost perfect

    I've used Toleda's Patch. I think you have to look at your DSDT, search for "Device (HDEF)" and change your "layout-id" to 0x01, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, it should work.
  2. Hello, I have installed El Capitan on a Gygabyte EP35-DS4 and almost everything is working very nice so far. (I know it's an old system, but I don't need anything better) Sleep is having a strange behavior: if I go to sleep for the first time the computer goes into sleep and after a few minutes or seconds (it's random) the computer wakes itself; if after this I press sleep again the computer goes to sleep normally and I have to press power on to wake the computer. Let's say I have to press sleep twice to go to proper sleep. ¿?¿?¿?¿ In console all I see (related to wake) is: - Wake Reason: ? I'm using: - Clover 3280 (DSDT and SSDT) - FakeSMC.kext - RealtekRTL8111.kext - Toleda's patch for audio. ¿any ideas? I have tried almost everything on ACPI section on clover. No luck.