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  1. Same error for me with ESXi 6.5. Uninstalling unlocker seems to boot all of the VMs except OSX again.
  2. Does WOL work with this kext by any chance? Thanks!
  3. andyph666

    ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    Is there support for crossfire 6870? I would like to have 2 6870s, however, I do not know how to disable one card in osx. I just want the extra performance in windows. Is there a way to do that?
  4. andyph666

    ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    Can you run 2x 6870 in crossfire mode with the second graphics card disabled? I ask because I want more performance from Windows. Cheers.
  5. andyph666

    ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    I have recently installed the new 10.6.7 kexts from Andy, [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] ati drivers, put in GraphicsEnabled=Yes, and tried every framebuffer available with AtiConfig. It would turn off one screen and not the other and sometimes no screens would work. I can't seem to get display port to work properly. Duckweed seems to work best since it shows a picture on both monitors but I get scrambled colors and it is just really fuzzy. When I plug the displayport out and plug it back in. It seems to work fine. I have a club3d Ati Radeon 6870. Any ideas? Works fine with 2x dvi out. But its just displayport giving me issues.
  6. Okay here is my question. For all of you that have the dlink 120 bluetooth adapter are you able to wake osx86 with your apple bluetooth mouse or keyboard? Thanks.
  7. Hello. Just followed a guide and popped in SLBoot and started up chameleon and got into the snow leopard install screen. It cannot find the hard drive so I cannot create a guid partition with disk utility as it is not listed. It lists my external hdds and one internal hdd which is a ntfs drive. It cant find my bootable windows 7 drive, the leopard drive, etc. What do I do? I have not done any modifications to the install disk at all. Is that why? Am i supposed to make a guid partition before I go into the snow leopard installer? It doesnt make sense if it can see one drive with mbr?
  8. andyph666

    8600 GTS efi?

    Anyone here have a 8600 gts efi string? Or can confirm that it works? Gonna try and see if this solves my sleeping problem with my DS3P.
  9. zalman 9700led with 9x multi. So sleep works for you? Gah I hav bluetooth, mbr, no ahci and no gfx strings hehe. About to switch to water cooling though. Which acpiplatform did u use? and did u do anything to get sleep to work? I found that shutdown and reboot doesnt always work which is weird. And waking up from sleep just reboots completely. Did you use the nvinstaller .33 for ur gcard?
  10. S1 Sleep = screen turns off only like the others are experiencing. I got everything to work except sleep. Was wondering if you gyus think its guid, bluetooth, ahci and gfx strings thats causing it. I remember it sleeping before 10.5.2 but I don't really know whats changed since then. Any ideas? Any of you that do not have sleep working but have all of those enabled/instaled? Thanks. When I put it to sleep, it sleeps fine but when I power it back on, it boots up again going into the post screen etc doing the system tests etc.
  11. does sleep have anything to do with guid?
  12. just wanted to say thanks for all the help. i bought a completely new computer on the p35 chipset and is working perfectly .
  13. I have issues with the leopard when I update to 10.5.2. Copying files work perfectly until i update. Then it begins to freeze . I have no idea whats going on.
  14. with the waiting for root device problem during boot up. Get the newest medevil sata driver and put it on an external hdd. Boot up the install the kext and repair permissions and reboot. As for the usb devices: Replace the AppleHDIX kext with the old one, the kalyway combo updater replaces this i think. I'm having issues with kernel panics when i copy large files or install reason 2.0. Tried both pata and sata . Oh and with the md5 checksum, I verified it with the iatkos ppf nforce iso however I dont have as many choices in the install. I don't have the nforce kernels or anything .
  15. Sweeet. It works great switched back to ide. Anyways can I still use applenforceata? I ask because I cannot see any of my sata drives now and when I used the nforce one it worked.