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  1. thanks for the help anyway
  2. enabling useIntelHDMI does nothing. CloverHDMI doesn't work either, because they just assumed HDMI works out of the box on KabyLake.
  3. I installed sierra on an Asus laptop, everything is working even the airplay is working, however there's no output when I plug external display to my HDMI port, and AppleIntelKBLGraphicsFramebuffer panics as soon as I unplug the cable. what's wrong? I just couldn't get my head around it. please help. PS: I haven't changed anything on the system. all the kext I have used are in the Clover.zip CloverAndIoregAsus.7z
  4. Arslan2012

    Help! ASUS K501UX

    did you fix this? Im having the same issue and exactly same kernel panic log.
  5. weird situation for me. after updating to 10.13 from 10.12.6 my graphic cards second and third DisplayPort went black screen, but my first DisplayPort and HDMI both works fine. my SIP is completely disabled, tried enabling it, everything is just the same. PS: I have a EVGA GTX1060
  6. Ok thanks for the reply, rm NVD* && Ge* from /Library/Extensions successfully got me into my system. However, after using NVWebDriverLibValFix.kext and ADGPFix to install the driver, I still get black screen
  7. I used the wrong way to install web driver yesterday, and now I get a black screen with cursor with web driver enabled, ioconsolusers: gioscreenlockstate 3 loop with web driver disabled. is there anyway I can revert this?
  8. Bug report(minor): I accidentally put my LPCSensors.kext into my /L/E folder. LPCSensors.kext required FakeSMC.kext as a dependency. Which is located in my Clover folder. kextcache command failed while rebuilding cache because it couldn't find dependency of LPCSensors.kext. And my system cache became invaild. Kext Utility, however, says All done ... have fun.
  9. Arslan2012

    Hackintosh Custom Installer Generator

    Extra folder is used by chameleon boot loader, if you don't know what it is just don't use it. Write to disk is buggy because it doesn't support many disk types. why don't you just use it the normal way, generate dmg and write it to disk with your Disk Utility
  10. Arslan2012

    Hackintosh Custom Installer Generator

    What do you wanna see? I do wanna do one, but i don't know what should I cover. This app is pretty easy to use just drag the app onto the icon and press start
  11. Arslan2012

    Hackintosh Custom Installer Generator

    i fixed it, now there's only one
  12. Arslan2012

    Hackintosh Custom Installer Generator

    I don't know. just drag the image in app and then press start, the video won't last 5 seconds. what do you wanna see in the tutorial? tell me where you're having trouble, and I may fix it.