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  1. Artur sorry to bother you again , the booting went just fine but I got a black screen, similar to when I used a wrong flag to mark the GPU in question. Should I modify the org.chameleon.boot.plist and remove the IntelCapriFB and Graphics Enabler flags?
  2. Hi, This is my first time trying to patch a DSDT, and while I like to learn by doing, I want to be safe this time so I would need a bit of help Currently I have sleep problems when I close the notebook I end up with a black screen so I need to reboot. From what little I know/read this is related to the C-states, and since the notebook is new I would like to get the P-states and SSDT patches so to prolong the notebook lifetime. Details on how to properly identify and edit the DSDT in general (Audio,IGPU,P-states,C-states,HPET, etc) is welcome too, so I won't bother you much next time Thanks in advance. /Edit: Added ioreg dsdt.dsl.zip
  3. Hi everyone, sorry to bother you with this! Expanding on the title of this thread I would like to know if there is a way to create a custom boot disk image or partition, without using a Mac or USB drive. I will use said partition/image to boot from an Oracle VM . I understand that I might be imposing way to many resources limitations, but at the very least I would like to know if it's not possible; currently I don't have access to a Mac nor do I have a 8GB USB at hand. I've read the Chameleon guide but it's not clear how to create a iso image nor if it will work without using a Mac to create the image. I used mkisofs to create some custom images with the necessary patched kernel and boot with them with no success, I really don't know which boot (boot0,boot,cdboot,etc) file should I use to create a bootable image (tried with cd boot but it does not work , I have checked how other more common bootloaders from osx86.net were built but it's the very same image so idk why it does not boot with my self made image). I have also been trying to make a disk partition using the BDU provided in this forum (Using a WinVM ) with no success (I really don't know if there are issues with the kexts file systems or if it's something else) It has been a week since I started with this, so I decided to ask for help, hope you don't mind Thank in advance. Christian.
  4. Introduce yourself

    Hello there my name is Christian, I'm from Argentina. I started taking interest in Hackintosh about a month ago to test a couple of tools/IDE (XCode) and the OS itself. My current objective is to learn and do a clean install in a FX AMD Oracle VM , using Linux as the Host OS (Not an easy task I'm told). Hope that I can share my results and experiences in this forum.