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  1. R9 290X Help for mavericks

    Can I see the output from radeon bios decoder on your vbios? Have you tried making the computer sleep and wake up, then after wake up plugging in the display? This may also help you. Something you might want to try, since Baladi is 6-port, overwrite it with OPM from the older kext. It seems to have been pretty compatible for anything with displayports that I've tried. Values are: 0000000 00 04 00 00 04 03 00 00 00 01 00 01 11 02 01 01 0000010 00 04 00 00 04 03 00 00 00 01 00 01 21 03 02 02 0000020 00 04 00 00 04 03 00 00 00 01 00 01 12 04 03 03 0000030 00 04 00 00 04 03 00 00 00 01 00 01 22 05 04 04 0000040 00 04 00 00 04 03 00 00 00 01 00 01 10 00 05 05 0000050 00 04 00 00 14 03 00 00 00 01 00 01 20 01 06 06 0000060
  2. Ok, so a problem which I'm starting to think is unfixable, but maybe someone can give me advice. I have a Dell Precision M4800, with AMD FirePro M5100. It works great after modifying the framebuffer and sleeping/waking up the computer when I want to attach an external monitor. With that said, I would like to attach two monitors. This is no problem -- I can attach one to the docking station and one to the computer, both display port converters, and it works. However, if I connect two displays to the docking station, only one of them works. If I connect one display, it works, but I can't use two at the same time with the docking station. Can anyone think of why it is that way? The computer detects the display, and shows it in Arrangement, but no picture on the display. Thanks. Edit: It's a framebuffer issue, apparently. I'm not sure how many concurrent monitors my computer supports, but I am able to change it so that the two docking port ports work concurrently, but one docking port port and the built-in displayport don't work concurrently. I'll work on the framebuffer.
  3. Do dual screens on Mobile radeons ever work? I have this situation with a different card (FirePro M5100) Using Buri FB unpatched, I can use the displayport with no problems. Upon patching Buri to properly allow the LVDS display to work, the LVDS display works, but stops working if I plug in something in the Display Port. When patching Buri, I patched only the LVDS line, and did not touch the other parts, which previously allowed a DisplayPort-connected monitor to work. Is there some fix for using multiple monitors on mobile AMD cards, or am I just out of luck? Edit: I managed to get dual screens working but have not been able to get three working. Two is good enough I guess. Unfortunately, I cannot get sleep to work, at all. It seems impossible at this point. I don't think it's 100% video card related, but I had the same computer with an nvidia card previously, and sleep did work (although the graphics card didn't resume when on battery properly.) On this model with ATI graphics, the processor, hard drive, nothing works on resume. I'm wondering if there isn't some fix for this that everyone knows but me? Update: It turns out sleep works if the Intel graphics are also enabled. Unfortunately, that means I can't use the internal screen with the radeon, so it's not good for me. I'm hoping maybe someone knows of a way to fix the sleep. I looked all through DSDT and tried many things but no success.
  4. R9 290X Help for mavericks

    Anyone find a way not to get a crash on multiple monitors? I have a mobile chip (FirePro M6100) which also requires the AMD8000Controller, and I have it working, but can't use more than one monitor. I also don't have working sleep. How is sleep working for you? Thanks!
  5. r9 290 (non-x) yosemited help

    I am using the same kexts to get my Bonaire card (mobile FirePro M6100) working. I've patched it and got LVDS working. I'm suffering, however, not having multiple monitor support -- has anyone figured out anything regarding that? For me, plugging in more than one monitors results in a lock up that can't be resolved without rebooting. Does DP2 change anything? Maybe a new FB other than Baladi? I'm still on DP1. Also, can anyone confirm if sleep and wake works for them? For me, I can sleep, but waking up gives me no graphics. Thanks!
  6. Ok, I got the card working with some caveats. Note that this is all on OS X 10.10 Yosemite, because Mavericks does not have the new AMD8000Controller kext to support Bonaire. I needed to patch the Baladi fb, obviously not the best choice for a laptop with nothing but display port outputs, but it was possible, eventually. With this patch, I can use the internal screen with absolutely no trouble, sometimes. Other times, it will boot to a gray screen. I need to boot again and again until it will work, at which point it works perfectly with CI QE and all that. My clover patch: <key>ATIConnectorsData</key> <string>000400000403000000010300120403030004000004030000000101001102010100040000040300000001020021030202000400000403000000010400220504040004000004030000000105001000050500040000040300000001060020010606</string> <key>ATIConnectorsPatch</key> <string>020000004000000009090100100600050003000004030000000101001102010100040000040300000001020021030202000400000403000000010400220503031000000004030000000105001000040800040000040300000001060020010506</string> You may notice that I passed a very odd value for the encoder, 6, which according to documentation doesn't exist. Me trying this is the only thing that allowed my screen to have proper colors without any screen tearing. No idea why, but it works. Here is where I have issues: 1. I cannot use more than one display at a time. I can set up the frame buffer so I can use an external display port monitor. However, if I plug in a display port monitor while using the internal screen, it freezes. Apparently this is a limitation of OS X's support for newer AMD cards. If anyone knows a way to support multiple monitors, my docking station and I will thank you profusely! 2. Sometimes I cannot get graphics working and it stalls at a gray screen. I'm pretty sure this has something to do with issue #1, though. 3. Sleep works, but resume doesn't. I have yet to patch my DSDT, so this could be why. 4. I haven't been able to recreate my success in Mavericks yet, but I will try later. Anyway, I think I might be the first person to get a Saturn XT card working, so I'm kind of happy. But if someone can improve this situation, I'll be happier!
  7. I tried with these drivers. I can get a white/gray screen with a mouse cursor on the external monitor (displayport). The mouse cursor will move. However, the login screen does not show up. It also seems like there should be two displays plugged in, as I can move the mouse far to the right of the first monitor, but no second monitor seems to be working. Any suggestion how to continue? I can find that without a doubt the problem is the framebuffer, so I will need to work on making a good one.
  8. Ok. I will be more specific. Now, I have more details. When trying to inject this card using Mavericks, it injects the value into AMD7000Controller.kext and AMDRadeonX4000.kext. When booting, regardless of framebuffer name choice, we get this output: Couldn't alloc class "AMDBonaireGraphicsAccelerator" I found someone with the Radeon 7790 had the same problem, and I found out that the new AMD kexts in 10.10 apparently supported the 7790 out of the box. Well, I tried these kexts on 10.9 (I know there will not be working 3d) and I got a working desktop for a fraction of a second, then a black screen. The external monitors also turn on, but with a black screen. If I can get that far I'm sure I can make it work with 10.10 in the end. I think I need to use a different framebuffer or customize the framebuffer. I tried only 'Baladi'. Of course, my preference would be to have this work on 10.9 but I think it's not possible. If you can think of a way to get it working on 10.9 without using kexts from 10.10, don't hesitate to let me know! Edit: Using Baladi fb, I can get output from displayport, but nothing else. So I think I'll need to patch this to make LVDS and HDMI work, as well as VGA. I will try to learn more about doing this. Edit: I have found a driver for newer AMD cards, maybe modified from 10.10 and backported, on another forum. I will try this tonight and see if I can make it work.
  9. I have a Firepro M6100, which apparently is Saturn XT making it similar to the HD 8950M. I've tried injecting all sorts of stuff, but I don't get working acceleration. If I use a fake id of a card which is contained in the kexts, it just never loads a GUI on any monitor. I have been trying mainly Pondweed for the fb name. Any suggestion what I should try next? I've basically done nothing but change around clover settings, but with no success. I'm not even entirely convinced the kexts are loaded, as I see nothing ATI related in the verbose output. Edit: Actually, I think they are loading, but I don't get past the verbose screen. If I just put the ID in the kext and don't inject AMD, I get a kernel panic. Edit: Problem solved. The card isn't supported in Mavericks. Have to wait for Yosemite.
  10. Anyone mobile Kepler 6xxM working?

    I wanted to chime in on this thread and hopefully get some ideas/help. I have a Dell Precision M4800, which has a Quadro K2100M. It works great in OS X, if I use either the 10.9.1 nvidia drivers, or the nvidia web drivers. I am using 10.9.3 as the OS. There is a very strange issue I am encountering, though, with the nvidia card. The computer will sleep fine, but will only wake up if it is plugged in to an AC outlet. If I try to wake it up on battery, I get a non-backlit black screen with a bunch of hard disk activity, and will need to reboot. I thought initially this was a DSDT issue, but I've combed through everything in the DSDT I possibly could, and can't find the culprit. Of those of you who have working mobile kepler cards, are any of you able to resume from sleep when on battery without issue? Is it only the model I have? Has a solution been found? Any help would be most appreciated!