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  1. Hello all, there is fantastic information here and a lot of work, hacking and sweat in all of this. The work is greatly appreciated and I have a almost completely working T520 4240-4AU. I am stuck at 2 things, I can't get the internal bluetooth to work, it simply does not find it, it works perfectly under Windows. The tiny card is labeled BCM92070MDLENO and I really need bluetooth to work for my mouse Does anyone know of the correct DSDT settings for this? All of the threads and searching I have done simply say the bluetooth works, but mine don't. I am not adverse to switching to a different card but it looks likes its a lenovo only design, unlike the wi-fi that I swapped out. The other thing not working for me is the headphone jack on the dock and this is a totally minor thing as audio otherwise is perfect, I saw some mentions of this one but no suggested fixes, I can live with this but of course it would be nice. Using Clover boot loader, ML 10.8.4 Thanks, Dave