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  1. Problem with Gateway NV59-ms2288

    Yes, i have configured my bios right because they dont have a lot of options. but clover don´t start, i waith like 30 minutes to start but they dont start. So what can i do?
  2. Problem with Gateway NV59-ms2288

    Hi, i have downloaded and restored the .raw image to an usb. But i have another problem: when i boot with chameleon 2.2, he says an error, relationated with kernel backtraces. When i boot with clover, he says ***[iOBluetothHCIControollerStart][searchForTransportEventTimeOutHandler] -- Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport! i have tried with some flags, like -v -x -f, cpus=1 -v, npci=0x200 -v, but he don´t runs the setup. So wath can i do?
  3. Problem with Gateway NV59-ms2288

    Hello, If someone can help me, i will be very happy. First sorry for my bad English. I Have a problem with a Gateway NV59-MS2288, i have installed iAtkos ML2, First, the setup runs very good, but next of the installation, he don´t run the OS. Specs: Intel Core i3 2.2Ghz RAM 4GB 640GB HDD I have run it with flags like -x -v -f, with UseKernelCache=No -v, GraphicsEnabler=No -v and npci=0x3000, but it does´t start. Can anyone Help me?