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  1. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    Is it possible to make a DSDT patch to make OS X see a read-only BD-ROM as capable of writing (anything, even CD-R) so that it will allow direct access to the drive and thus MakeMKV would work with read-only drives? Does anyone know of any way to do this? Thanks.
  2. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    @mm67 I would like to take your CPU independent speedstep and replace the one in iSoprano's latest DSDT in the 1st post. I tried to do this but did not get good results. I don't understand which block I need to copy and which block to replace. Could you please tell me how I might do that? Thanks.
  3. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    When I use LegacyACPI_SMC_PP.kext and LegacyAGPM.kext the GUI seems sluggish and I get static in audio after sleep if I hold down right arrow key in Terminal. That is my test. LegacyAGPM.kext already has 0622 for my 9600GT in MacPro3,1. Anyone else get these? Great work, I'll be following. Thank you.
  4. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    Hello, I have just stumbled upon this thread. I have done a few DSDT changes but still find the whole thing confusing. I want a perfect DSDT that runs on any EP35-DS3L regardless of video card difference or CPU difference, but with the P-state/C-state stuff. Is that possible? I downloaded your latest DSDT update and stripped the 9600 part from it, and everything works well except when I put machine to sleep, it cold boots on wake. I imagine this is a simple fix. Some help would be great! Thanks. Edit: Oops I forgot to select "Start up automatically after a power failure." and now it works. My other question still stands, can I use this DSDT for a Q9300 and a E5200, for example? Thanks!
  5. BootCDMaker

    I figured this one out. I had run BootCDMaker in non-legacy mode once before I replaced boot in the app with PC_EFI 10.3, so there was a BootCD.iso, then when I ran it again in Legacy mode, and clicked Burn, it burned BootCD.iso instead of LegacyBootCD.iso and thus still cdboot appeared when booting it. So now I deleted BootCD.iso from the desktop and ran in Legacy mode. This time when I selected Burn it said it was done immediately without burning anything. Your app, Trauma, will not burn LegacyBootCD.iso. I burned LegacyBootCD.iso separately, and PC_EFI 10.3 works as expected when I boot it, and my graphics work.
  6. BootCDMaker

    Thanks Trauma. You can see the Boot.plist error I get in my previous post #63, it cannot be denied. That happens when I put my own Boot.plist in. The BootCDMaker folder is on the desktop. Why is the error happening for me but not you? I did select Legacy, but cdboot is still used, whether I say yes or no to GUI. I need pci1 and AFAIK there is no way to do that with Chameleon RC3 or it's cdboot. Can you please implement a way to use PC_EFI 10.3?
  7. BootCDMaker

    I replaced boot in Contents/Resources/Scripts/loaders/isolinux with PC_EFI 10.3 boot, and created a Legacy boot disc, but as far as I can tell it is still using cdboot, even when I say hide the GUI and Legacy, I still see cdboot briefly, and the GUI. The permissions on the boot file I put it were the same. Also my graphics enabler doesn't work without the default pci1 of PC_EFI 10.3. Any thoughts? Thank you.
  8. BootCDMaker

    Thank you for your efforts. Any idea what to do with this? Edit: I deleted com.apple.Boot.plist and it works, but shouldn't I be able to include mine?
  9. PC EFI V10.3 Released by Netkas

    Strange. My EP35-DS3L is PCI1, standard PC EFI 10.3. GraphicsEnabler=y works now, so no more EFI string, and my PCI cards display in System Profiler. Are you sure yours is correct with PCI0? GraphicsEnabler=y does not work for me with Cham RC3 or with PC EFI 10.3 with -pci0 flag.
  10. Boot132 cdboot for Snow Leopard

    Yeah it doesn't work on IDE for me either. SATA boots fine. My IDE works if I boot 32-bit but I didn't try it on the CD, maybe that would do it?
  11. 10.6.1 is out!

    I have a custom home folder location (/Volumes/Users/n) and the 10.6.1 update went fine here.
  12. Why Sata Port0-1 Native Mode [Disabled]? I have mine Enabled and all works fine?
  13. cparm's method works for me on Snow 64, sleep and all. Thanks cparm.
  14. Snow Leopard 10.6 on a GA-EP35-DS3L

    I am also searching for such solution.
  15. Hi tmongkol, I guess I am unsure what to do here. I have ALC888. I downloaded your "series of LegacyHDA." If I do not want to modify my DSDT at this time, how can I make these work? You helped me previously on 10.5, but now I am trying to get these working on 10.6. I want to put LegacyHDA in /Extra/Extensions with an /Extra/Extensions.mkext also. What other kexts do I need in there. I tried all 4 of your LegacyHDAs with a 64-bit HDAEnabler I found, but go no sound devices with all of them. I must be missing a kext in there? My /S/L/E is all vanilla including AppleHDA. Can you please give me a tip? Thanks.