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  1. Hello friends, I have used this kernel: https://github.com/sinetek/xnu/releases/tag/10.9.0_v4 , I updated the system to 10.9.1 and I have no icon pink and has solved the problem of the icons on the desktop. Here are my images:
  2. You're right, some of them matter quietly, others do not!
  3. Test FinalCut X Pro 10.0.9 ok !!!!!!!!!! perfect work !!!!!
  4. Summary of my system: My hardware and bootloader are signed. OS Installed: Mavericks 10.9 Kernel in use: rc4 fix Audio: ok Video: ok clock : ok Applications used: ok Icons Launchpad: pink problem, is solved with the change of resolution for a few seconds Start: a little slow icon bug : Small blurs with the file. Png and. Jpg I am waiting for any solutions.
  5. My clock is fine, have you seen my videos? . Before even my clock went crazy, then I used the following boot flags "cpus = 1 busratio = 13 NPCI = 0x2000", I used Chameleon boot loadere 2.2svn (svn-r2266), and Extra-Extensions folder I installed the following kext: EvOreboot.kext, FakeSMC.kext, NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, VoodooTSCSyncAMD.kext. Now the clock is fine.
  6. So from my tests, I realized that only a few images give the problem, other images will not cause problems. here are my pictures:
  7. Hello Launchpad icons are pink, but changing the resolution of your monitor for a few seconds become normal. this is one that bugs me on my system.