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  1. i2c-hid touchscreens, trackpads and more

    Looking foward to it, Alex!
  2. [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    Yeah, VoodooHDA isn't in the extensions folder. I've used Kext Utility for all of panjunwen's kexts plus the AppleHDA and EAPDfix kexts later in the thread. I put all of the DSDTs and SDDTs in the (hopefully) correct folder (which I'm pretty sure is EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched, just copy and paste the files in there, correct?). The only thing I wasn't too sure about are the DSDT.dsl and SSDT-5.dsl from panjunwen's post. What do I do with those? As far as the brightness goes, on my first OS X install on my SP3, there was a way to adjust the brightness tin System Preferences > Displays (or was in Energy Saver? Either way, it was there before). Along with the option to adjust it with the type cover, which also has no effect right now. I'm probably better off waiting for the updated install guide and just reinstalling the OS.
  3. [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    Probably an odd question, but how do I update the DSDTs and SSDTs? Edit: Nevermind, figured that out. But, nothing really works any differently. Put all the kexts back in, updated config.plist and DSDTs. Put the EAPDFix and AppleHDA in. Headphones still don't work. Still no brightness control.
  4. [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    I don't think the update has been written yet. I'm patiently waiting for it too. This is the second OS X install I have, for whatever reason I don't have brightness control and the sound seems a lot quieter this second time around. But, yeah, you can find sleep and type cover fixes throughout the thread. Headphone sound/detection.. I think it's there? I can't figure out how to get that working. It would also be nice to figure out how to get 1280x854 hidpi or 1600x1066 hidpi (if this is even possible) working. I can only manage 1280x800 hidpi for whatever reason. Also, has anyone tried installing the El Capitan public preview on a SP3 yet? Was wondering how that's holding up.
  5. [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    Is it safe to update to 10.10.4? Another question. I can't figure out why I don't have brightness options and controls. Is there something I've missed? Edit: The update seemed to work just fine. Nothing seems broken.
  6. [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    I have just finished installing it again. Worked fine. Edit: Not sure about El Capitan. Yosemite works. Edit 2: I had another question. I primarily use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Specifically the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard and Surface Arc Mouse. Once in a while, I'll get a pop up saying there is no bluetooth mouse or keyboard set up. While they're both working perfectly. Is there a way to get this notification to not appear? And I'm also not seeing any brightness settings. I've had them on my first OS X install. Is there a way to reactivate them?
  7. [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    Is there a way to mount the Windows drive in OS X, and vice-versa? I've done a little bit of research on it, I'm pretty sure they're probably on different partition tables and that's an issue. Thanks
  8. [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    Thanks! Is this plug and play, or do I need to download separate drivers?
  9. [Guide] 10.10 On the Surface Pro 3

    The Bluetooth adapter is currently unavailable. Do you have any alternatives you can list?
  10. Surface pro runs 10.10

    How well does the pen work with Photoshop? Is it pressure sensitive?
  11. The graphics on an actual Macbook act a bit oddly too. I'd expect it to be fixed soon, DP2 has had less issues with it. Tested on a retina macbook with Intel HD 4000.
  12. SP2 seems like it'll be the one I eventually get. Wifi isn't too big a deal for me, sleep really isn't either, more of a convenience thing. Do you think Sleep will ever work on either Surface Pro? If not, what do you think about Deep Sleep? http://deepsleep.free.fr Basically enables hibernation on certain Mac models. Not sure if it has ever been tested on Mavericks.
  13. As someone looking to replace a MacBook Pro and an iPad Air, how stable would you say Mavericks is on the Surface Pro 2 as of right now? I'd mainly use it for lightweight drawing and ios development.
  14. Surface Pro

    I was able to successfully install OS X 10.8 on my Surface Pro. Credit going to Jake Weidman. ( - Tutorial Video) Most things work out of box, apart from Bluetooth, Wifi and touchscreen. I just a few post-installation questions. I've already spent hours looking into this online, and couldn't find anything that works. So, that's why I'm turning to the community for some help. -OS X detects the touch screen. When tapping on the screen, the cursor will move to 0,0. Also, if you have four fingers on the screen, the fifth will be able to control the cursor. As it gets closer to the edges, it does not align properly, however. I've tried many drivers to try to get it to work, but all have failed. Is there possibly another one that may be proven to work? -Stylus. The stylus works oob with pressure sensitivity. But, like I mentioned with the 5th finger, it does not align properly on the screen. Does anyone know of some kind of way to calibrate this? -Marvell Avastar 350N Wireless Adapter. Any open source alternatives to getting this to work on OS X? Thank you very much!