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  1. [unsolved] 9600M-GT: HDMI seems to be without function

    Hi, i have aspire 5930g too, with nvidia 9600m GT but vga and hdmi doesn't work too. How your video injected? I used GE=Yes.
  2. [GUIDE] HP G62 - Mac OS X Mavericks

    is it possible to run radeon 5470m only with vga, like intel hd(aapl os info in dsdt) by any means?
  3. [GUIDE] HP G62 - Mac OS X Mavericks

    Hi all. I have HP g62 B24ER. Can anyone, who successfully disabled intel hd, see in AIDA64 what vendor and model of your notebook display. It is important for successful disabling integrated video... For example, i have display AU Optronics B156XW02 V2, and if i disable intel hd, i don't have LED backlight.